Wholesale Distributors

Finding the right distributor for your wholesale business can mean the difference between success and failure. Different products have different lines of distribution and you need to know what type of distributor is right for your business. Choosing reliable wholesale distributors can save you time and money once your business is up and running.

Know Your Products Distribution Channel

There are four main channels that wholesale distributors use to supply their goods.

  • Jobbers-These are generally daily delivery drivers that deliver directly to stores.
  • Importer or Exclusive Distributor-Sometimes a wholesaler will have exclusive rights to importing or distributing a product. Most won't sell directly to a businesses but to smaller wholesalers.
  • Regional Wholesaler-These companies take large shipments of products and then parcel them out to retailers and even smaller wholesalers.
  • Manufacturers-These provide the cheapest way to get your products. Larger manufacturers will usually only sell to large wholesalers; however, boutique stores often buy their products directly from small manufacturers.

The product you decide to sell will determine which of these channels to use. Going directly to the manufacturer is usually the cheapest because the product will not have had to pass through any middlemen. For most businesses though, this is not practical. For the best prices, find a wholesale distributor that is close to the manufacturer on the supply chain.

Try the Internet

The Internet is full of wholesale distributors and directories. A search for wholesale distributors can end up with millions of results. It is best to know what kind of product you are wanting to sell when looking for your wholesale distributors. A more specific search will bring about more beneficial results.

Be wary of scams and less reputable wholesale distributors when looking online. Many wholesale distributors and directories will charge you extra fees for their services. True wholesalers don't charge those types of fees. Look for buyer feedback and always make sure you speak with your distributors regularly when your business is up and running.

Go to Trade Shows

Trade shows are where you can speak face-to-face with manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Going to these shows can be a great way for you to form working relationships with distributors. There are trade shows for any industry all over the country. Most are closed to the general public so you will need to acquire a business license to attend. Look at your local regulations to see how to get the proper license.