Moving into True Wholesale

While drop shipping is great, there are other options for getting your hands on low-cost products. While this website was developed to teach individuals how to dropship, we thought it would be valuable to also teach individuals how to graduate from drop shipping and jump into true wholesale. Everything you need to know about selling true wholesale products can be found in this section of

Drop shipping is by far, the best way to get your feet wet with selling low-cost products. It is also probably the least amount of work. If your goal is to have a fully automated business selling products where you do not need to worry about shipping, storage, packaging and inventory - then stick with drop shipping. If you are the more aggressive type and you want to increase your profits then true wholesale may be a good option for you.

It is likely that the only way you will be able to get the lowest true wholesale prices, is if you are willing to buy in bulk. That is really the key to wholesale. Also notice how the world TRUE keeps being thrown around here. That is because there are so many sources out there that claim to be true wholesale, when in fact they are not. Even our drop shipping companies are guilty of this. They have great prices for the services that are offered, but they are definitely not offering true wholesale prices. If you want that, then you will have to work a lot harder. You will need to buy in bluk, which means up-front money will be essential. Additionally, you will need somewhere to store products and you will also have to deal with packaging and shipping products.

The Key to Being Successful with Wholesale

It is not recommended that you dive straight into selling bulk wholesale. There are millions of different products out there that are waiting to be bought up in bulk and resold. Remember that this is the most common and straight forward way of building a business. Everybody knows that buying low and selling high is an option for making money. In fact, it is the first option for many; most fail.

You will be successful, because you have started out with drop shipping. The idea is to test out different markets and figure out what is profitable. If you can make profits with prices offered from drop shipping companies, then you can surely make a killing finding bulk wholesale prices for those same products. You will already have the core all worked out. From there, it is just about finding lower prices to increase profit margins.