Drop Shipping Sports Memorabilia

Professional sports is a lucrative business, not only for the athletes, coaches and team owners but for people who sell sport memorabilia as well. No matter if the sport is professional football, basketball, golf or even NASCAR, fans like to show their support by buying memorabilia featuring their favorite team or athlete. Selling sports memorabilia is a good investment because there is always an interest in professional sports. Although sports memorabilia includes teams from around the world, the majority of the products themselves are made in China. By purchasing sports memorabilia directly from a Chinese drop shipping company, you can manage to obtain the same goods from retail stores at a much cheaper price.

Retail Cost of Sport Memorabilia

Purchasing sport memorabilia at retail price can often cost much more than buying from a drop shipping company. Sport memorabilia can be found at any big chain retail store, speciality sports store or at arena gift shops. The price of sport memorabilia will depend both on the type of product and where the product is bought. A retail chain store will sell sports memorabilia at a lower rate than directly from the sports franchise's gift store or website. Online outlets like Amazon and eBay also carry sport memorabilia at slightly lower than retail prices.

Wholesale Drop Shipping Costs of Sport Memorabilia

Buying sport memorabilia from a drop shipping company can save you money over buying it retail. Drop shipping companies work with Chinese manufacturers to sell you sports memorabilia at wholesale prices. Sports memorabilia can be up to 40% cheaper through a drop shipping company and if buying in bulk, these prices can be even lower. This allows you to be able to sell sport memorabilia online and maintain a higher margin of profit.

Selling Sport Memorabilia Online

Once you have purchased cheap sport memorabilia from a drop shipping company, the next step is to sell it to consumers to make money. There are several places online where sport memorabilia can easily be sold. Storefront sites like Amazon and eBay have a large number of customers that are sports fans. However, the best way to sell sport memorabilia online is to create your own website and set up your own storefront. This allows your small business to have a much wider range and can give you the ability to process a higher volume of sales. A website gives your business a more professional look and a more personal touch, allowing you to interact with your customers to find out how best to serve their needs.