Drop Shipping Shoes

Drop shipping is an easy way to start an online retail business. First, you contact a company that warehouses a product you would like to sell. You then set up a way for customers to purchase your product and the drop shipping company takes care of the shipping. This means you do not have to worry about paying for shipping, packaging or storage of your product. It is a business model that lends itself to almost any online retail business. Drop shipping shoes especially can be a very lucrative option.

Retail Cost of Shoes

Shoe retail pricing can vary greatly. Discount shoe stores can charge as little as $10 for a pair of sneakers, while some high-end stores can charge as much as $200 a pair. On average, name brand sneakers such as Nike, Adidas, Puma or Vans will cost between $50 and $200. You can often find shoes for much cheaper prices at online places like Zappos.com than you can in a physical store like Foot Locker or Journey's.

Dress shoes and women's shoes can sometimes be more expensive because of their materials or brand names. Designer dress and women's shoes can cost over $300, and good quality leather shoes can cost around $100.

Wholesale Drop Shipping Cost of Shoes

Most name brand companies like Nike or Adidas will not sell wholesale to drop shippers or to home Internet businesses. They require large minimum orders and usually prefer to sell through outlets that they know will be able to sell a high volume of their shoes. Therefore, if you are drop shipping shoes you will most likely be selling lesser known brands.

You can find some wholesale footwear from China for as low as $3 for a pair for sandals. There are other websites that charge as much as $50 for boots. The pricing all depends on the type and quality of shoe you wish to drop ship. The prices also can vary greatly from drop ship company to drop ship company. It is best to shop around as much as possible when drop shipping shoes.

Selling Shoes Online

The two most profitable methods for drop shipping shoes online include creating your own targeted website or using eBay. Also, when deciding on what shoes you think will be profitable, try to keep your scope small. Don't try to sell a massive variety of shoes because sites like Amazon and Zappos already have that market. Look for a niche type of shoe like rain boots or massage shoes.

Having your own website enables you to better control your product presentation. It also allows you to cut down on third-party fees. All you need to do is design a website that is easy for the customer to use and has a dedicated credit card checkout. Then all you have to do is drive traffic to the site.

eBay can be a good way to test what styles work and what do not. It can also be beneficial for those that want to sell a larger variety of shoes at smaller quantities.