Drop Shipping eBook Readers

In recent years, eBook readers have become one of the hottest selling electronic devices. Giving users the ability to instantly stream thousands of books, magazines and news feeds, eBook readers bring reading into the 21st century with added features not available in print. Because of their high demand, eBook readers are a good item to sell online. However, buying eBook readers at the retail level can be pricey, which can take away from your overall profits. Drop shipping companies can sell you eBook readers at a wholesale price, allowing you to stay competitive in pricing your product when selling online.

Retail Cost of eBook Readers

There are several different eBook readers on the market, which means there is a range of prices depending on which eBook reader you end up purchasing. The Amazon Kindle, a popular eBook reader, will cost $189 at retail, not including tax and shipping. A Sony brand eBook reader can cost up to $150, which is around the same price as a Nook from Barnes and Noble. The price of an eBook reader at retail value is often marked up considerably from the price it costs for the company to obtain the product.

Wholesale Drop Shipping Costs of eBook Readers

Buying an eBook reader wholesale directly from a drop shipping company can save you money in the long run. Although many name brands like the Kindle and the Nook are exclusive to the companies that make them, there are several high end eBook readers available from drop shipping companies for cheap. You can purchase quality eBook readers for only $50 in some cases. The rate at which you can purchase eBook readers from a drop shipping company will depend on the company and the type of eBook reader that is being bought. There is often a price break for purchasing in bulk, giving you a greater profit margin in the long run.

Selling eBook Readers Online

The demand for eBook readers has prompted many companies to create exclusive devices to their brand. This can make selling eBook readers at certain web sites more difficult. It is hard to sell an eBook reader on the Amazon marketplace when having to compete with Amazon's own eBook reader, the Kindle. The best way to sell eBook readers online is through your own website. In many cases, drop shipping companies sell eBook readers without a brand name directly from the manufacturer in China. Some companies will work with you to give the eBook reader your own personal brand name. By setting up your own web space to sell your own brand of eBook readers, you can offer a unique product that performs as well as the big name brands, but costs much less.