Drop Shipping Dolls and Bears

Drop shipping dolls and bears allows you to sell these products without ever having to actually store or ship them. Instead, you advertise the products to consumers and the wholesaler or the manufacturer will do the shipping for you. Drop shipping dolls and bears can be very profitable because they are popular among both young and old customers. Children enjoy playing with them while many adults spend a lot of time collecting them.

Retail Cost of Dolls and Bears

The retail cost of dolls and bears varies greatly based on what type of collectible you are looking for and where you shop. You can find the most basic dolls and bears for cheap prices at most retailers. More expensive options are also available. The pricier items are usually of higher quality as well as being bigger. Also, they are sometimes outfitted with multiple outfits and accessories.

Retailers that sell dolls and bears offer the basic items starting between $14.95 and $24.95. The larger, more extravagant dolls and bears sell for $49.95 and up. You can buy these items from large retailers like Amazon or smaller, more specialized doll and bear stores. The retailers that only sell dolls and bears offer a much wider selection, but at higher prices.

Wholesale Drop Shipping Costs of Dolls and Bears

When drop shipping dolls and bears, buying at wholesale prices will save you a lot of money and lead to larger profits. You will want to spend a lot of time doing research because the prices offered by suppliers and dropship companies vary greatly. The same doll or bear might be a different price at every supplier you visit.

You will generally be able to buy a doll or bear that retails for $29.95 at the wholesale price of $18.00. Drop shipping dolls and bears becomes profitable when you are able to sell a large quantity of the items you bought at wholesale prices to consumers for the retail price.

Selling Dolls and Bears Online

The most profitable drop shipping businesses focus on selling only one or two products. This way, you are able to cater your services directly to a specific group of people. Drop shipping dolls and bears is a good niche because you will have a large customer base that is always looking for new products.

The most profitable way to dropship dolls and bears is to create a targeted website that focuses only on the products you want to sell. This allows you to spend more time on descriptions and pictures of the products you offer. Using a targeted website when drop shipping dolls and bears helps set you apart from the competition.

Drop shipping dolls and bears is also popular on eBay. There are a large number of collectors who spend a lot of time bidding on items listed in eBay auctions. You will want to use the Buy It Now feature to ensure you get the prices you want for the dolls and bears you sell. Otherwise, you run the risk of selling your products at very low prices if few people bid on them.