Drop Shipping Dog Collars

Starting an online drop shipping business can often be a profitable endeavor. While nearly any item can be drop shipped, you might consider drop shipping dog collars. Because of their low unit price, the profit margin on dog collars can be quite high if you sell many of them. As with any product, the key to being profitable when drop shipping dog collars is to know how much you can expect to earn per unit.

Retail Cost of Dog Collars

Depending on the type and brand, the retail price of dog collars can vary greatly. Although some drop shipping suppliers do offer more expensive designer collars, it is generally more profitable to buy larger quantities of cheaper dog collars.

These collars can be found at nearly any major online retailers such Amazon as well as a number of specialty stores like PetSmart. It may be more helpful to look at a more general retailer such as Amazon to determine an average price. Specialty retailers tend to focus on more expensive items such as high-end electronic dog collars.

A quick search of a retailer like Amazon reveals that you can expect to sell your dog collars in the range of $7 to $20 per unit depending on the make and model. While the potential for profit in such a cheap item may seem small, drop shipping dog collars in high quantities can be quite lucrative.

Wholesale Drop Shipping Costs of Dog Collars

It is often hard to determine the average wholesale cost of any product because the price can differ greatly depending on the supplier and the exact specifications of the product. The price will also be different according to whether you buy single units or bulk lots of dog collars.

Different dog collars will cost different amounts. However, you can usually expect to buy a dog collar with a retail price of $20 for around $12 to $18. Again, while this may seem like a small profit margin, the key is to drop ship dog collars in large quantities.

Selling Dog Collars Online

Because you are purchasing the dog collars from a drop shipping supplier, you do not have to handle packing and shipping, which allows you to concentrate on marketing and selling. There are several methods and strategies you can use to sell your dog collars, so you should choose one that suits the scope and nature of your business plan.

You might consider selling your dog collars on eBay. This allows you to utilize the many selling options that eBay offers such as Buy It Now, reserve prices or straight auctions. This versatility can be helpful because it allows you flexibility in your pricing. An auction might even bring in even more profit than you expected if the bids rise high enough.

While eBay has several attractive features for an online drop shipping business, building a website that is specifically targeted around your dog collars is usually the best and most effective method. One reason for this is that you do not have to pay eBay's listing fees. This is especially helpful for a relatively low-cost item such as a dog collar. Likewise, a targeted website allows you to organize your products as you see fit, giving you more flexibility than simply listing each dog collar in a separate eBay listing. As such, a targeted website is an ideal choice, especially for a serious high-volume business.