Drop Shipping Digital Cameras

Drop shipping can often be a profitable method of doing business online. While there are various products that you might decide to sell, drop shipping digital cameras can prove to be lucrative due to their high demand and price. Before you decide that drop shipping digital cameras is the right business decision for you, it is necessary to investigate both the retail and wholesale prices of the digital cameras you plan to sell.

Retail Cost of Digital Cameras

As with most electronic products, retail prices for digital cameras vary considerably from model to model. However, the most popular digital cameras sell for between $300 and $400. These include mid-range models from Canon, Sony and Nikon. High-end models by these same brands can be over $1000. In terms of drop shipping digital cameras, it is probably best to stick to the cheaper models, as these tend to be more attractive to the average consumer.

Wholesale Cost of Digital Cameras

When drop shipping digital cameras, it is important to keep your potential profit margin in mind. You can usually expect to purchase mid-range digital cameras from your supplier for between $250 and $350 depending on the model. Keep in mind that the exact price you pay usually differs between suppliers, so thorough research can help you make the best business decision.

Selling Digital Cameras Online

Running your digital camera business online gives you several options for selling your products. For instance, you might consider eBay for its various selling options such as Buy It Now, reserve prices and straight auctions. This can be helpful for less active sellers, as it allows you to price each item individually according to your needs or the demands of potential customers.

However, if you plan on drop shipping digital cameras on a larger scale, your best option is a web site specifically targeted on your digital cameras. This saves hassle as compared to eBay, as it eliminates the need for individual listings for each item and also saves you money on listing fees.

A targeted web site also allows you to more precisely control exactly how your products are organized, how your customers see them, and how your sales are conducted. If you plan on drop shipping digital cameras, consider how a targeted website could fit into your business plan and boost your profit.