Drop Shipping Clocks

The variety in clock shapes, sizes and styles may make it seem like a difficult product to drop ship successfully. However, clocks are very popular as a necessary and decorative item in houses, apartments and offices. The need for alarm clocks, wall clocks and decorative clocks means that there are plenty of profits to be made by purchasing wholesale clocks and drop shipping them to customers at a premium price.

Retail Cost of Clocks

Retail stores sell a large variety of clocks ranging from alarm clocks, desktop clocks, antique clocks and innovative modern wall clocks. The retail cost of clocks varies depending on the supplier and the type of clock. Standard department retail stores focus on selling commonplace wall and alarm clocks while specialty retailers offer customers high value contemporary and antique clocks.

The following is a sample of the standard retail cost of clocks:

  • Desktop alarm clock - $14.00
  • Modern 13 inch wall clock - $38.99
  • Antique 32 inch clock - $300.00
  • Traditional grandfather clock - $520.00

The retail cost of clocks rises quickly depending on the clock size, type and material used. The high retail cost of the larger, more specialized clocks in particular can earn you considerable profits when you buy them at wholesale and sell them at the suggested retail price.

Wholesale Drop Shipping Costs of Clocks

Purchasing clocks from wholesale distributors allows you to pick and choose exactly what type of clocks you want to drop ship to customers. You can focus only on small alarm clocks or diversify your drop shipping business by selling small desktop, novelty and wall clocks. By purchasing wholesale, you can save anywhere from 20% to 40% on the retail cost of regular clocks.

Selling Clocks Online

Clocks are not the kind of product that most customers look to purchase at online e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon. The majority of customers interested in purchasing clocks will go to an established retail store or order products from a specialized online clock site. It is recommended that you create your own specific site based on selling clocks in order to attract prospective customers who know exactly what type or style of clock they want to purchase for their home or office. This will allow you to solidify a strong customer base and a formidable reputation as a quality drop shipper specializing in all types of clocks.