Drop Shipping Art

For a millennium, art has been the pinnacle of human creative expression. Although art is usually low-tech, it remains abundantly popular in today's modern world. As such, selling art online has the potential to be very lucrative. Drop shipping art is the best way to do this. Drop shipping art allows you to earn the difference between the wholesale and retail values of a piece without actually buying it.

Retail Cost of Art

The retail cost of original art is infinitely variable. For original works, the cost of art ranges from a few dollars to several millions of dollars depending on the quality of the work as well as the artist's reputation. Most art drop shipping will not, however, involve original art. The drop shipping business favors reproduced art instead.

The retail cost of reproduced art is less variable than original art, but it is still difficult to concisely define. Simple posters of famous paintings may cost only $10-$15, while oil replicas range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The retail cost of reproductive art further varies based on the art medium. For example, sculptures usually have higher retail costs than paintings. The average price of art is nearly impossible to pin down because of its extreme price variability that exists even within each art category.

Art being sold at retail value can be found at many locations throughout the Internet. eBay, for example, has over 2 million art pieces listed for sale in both original and reproduced styles. Amazon contains abundant art resources as well.

Wholesale Drop Shipping Costs of Art

In finding a wholesale supplier for drop shipping art, the most important factor to consider is your profit margin. Because of art's extreme price variability, finding the right price is uninsured. The best strategy for choosing a wholesaler is to specify the type of art you want to sell, then research the art category's price range. You'll then have to judge whether a piece will actually sell and whether a wholesaler's prices are sufficiently cheaper than similar products sold at retail value. A well-priced wholesale item should be about 10%-40% cheaper than a similar retail product.

Selling Art Online

There are many ways to sell art online. Perhaps the most popular, eBay, allows you to list your products on their website for a small fee. eBay is very popular, which means that many people will see what you're selling. Another similar venue is Amazon Marketplace.

Both eBay and Amazon are good ways to sell art online. The best method, however, is to build your own website that is completely based on the product you're trying to sell. A targeted site will make you look like a more serious and reputable business person than if you were simply to sell through eBay. It will also enable you to avoid the listing fees associated with eBay and Amazon. What's more is that building a targeted site will liberate you from eBay's organizational schemes and policies.

Because of its price variability, drop shipping art can be a bit of a gamble. This said, if you learn enough about the specific art product you're interested in selling, you can yield lucrative results. Building a targeted website for the products you're trying to sell is the best method to sell art online.