Drop Ship Indonesia

The Indonesian manufacturing industry produces a variety of goods and electronics that are regularly exported to the Japanese, U.S., Chinese and Singapore markets. This offers an excellent advantage to drop shippers based in Indonesia. In most drop shipping ventures, you are far removed from the actual manufacturer or supplier who may be located in another continent. However, as an Indonesia-based drop shipper, it is possible have direct contact with local manufacturers who already export their materials and products to major markets overseas.

Taking advantage of the local Indonesia manufacturing industry requires extensive research on potential suppliers. Identify and contact multiple different local suppliers to obtain product prices, shipping details and exportation information. You may be required to pre-purchase a certain quantity of products before working with the supplier to exchange customer order information and carry out drop shipping to your customers’ locations.

While working with local manufacturers is an excellent way to obtain the best possible wholesale prices, it is also possible to establish a drop shipping business through a third party service that will provide you with access to a directory of suppliers and manage the shipping logistics. This alternative strategy offers a much quicker access to product lists and many third party services allow you to upload products in their catalog directly onto your website. This is ideal if you are starting out in the drop shipping market or plan on only selling a small quantity or selection of products as many third party services do not require you to pre-purchase a volume of products beforehand. This allows you to start a drop shipping venture with minimal startup finances. These drop shipping services generally have added benefits such as online customer support and order automation, which will automatically send the customer’s order information from your business’ website so it can be processed and shipped.

Whether you plan on using local Indonesian suppliers or a third party service, effective online marketing is an important component of any drop shipping strategy. A good understanding of competitor offerings and prices, quality search engine optimization and carefully implementing promotions or exposing trends can determine the success of your Indonesia drop shipping business.