Getting True Wholesale Products for eBay

Getting true wholesale products for eBay is a good way to make your online business as lucrative as possible. To get true wholesale products, you need true wholesale suppliers and distributors. You also need to be very careful about avoiding fake distributors. Two possible ways for getting true wholesale products for eBay are by using World Wide Brands and by importing from China.

Getting True Wholesale Products for eBay Through World Wide Brands

Unfortunately, the majority of established and true wholesale suppliers will not work with online business owners who operate out of their home. However, World Wide Brands helps with product sourcing research by finding wholesale suppliers who will work for you. They then publish their results in a wholesaler database. If any new home business owners are confused about finding true wholesale products for eBay, World Wide Brand's online database uses market research analysis to determine what the best-selling merchandise is right now.

World Wide Brands also offers a bulk wholesale directory option, which lists only wholesale suppliers who have committed to working with eBay and other Internet sellers. The bulk wholesale directory does not require more than a $500 minimum for placing orders and is ideal for competitive price-driven markets and online auction sites as well as for home business owners who don't want to worry about storing inventory.

Getting True Wholesale Products for eBay by Importing from China

Importing merchandise from China to resell on eBay for a profit can be successful and inexpensive if you are careful. When importing from China you should not buy designer clothing, branded electronic items or DVD box sets. Trendy brand names are usually never sold straight from Chinese factories and many fake items are often sold for a slim fraction of the original cost. Electronics are almost always fake so steer clear of them.

When you find Chinese wholesale websites, always be sure to do your research and check their rankings. and Google both offer website ratings and the more popular sites tend to be more legitimate. A good way to tell if a Chinese wholesale website is fake is if the domain name has a branded product name in it. Also make sure that contact information, including a phone number and address, is readily available and clear.

Always use caution when paying for wholesale products from China. Keep in mind that PayPal and credit cards are highly regarded as safe and secure ways to make transactions. Many Chinese wholesalers might not accept these payment methods so be prepared to make a wire transfer. When doing so, always be sure that your money is being sent to a company account and never to a personal account.

Other Tips for Getting True Wholesale Products for eBay

If you are simply doing a basic online search for products to sell on eBay, be sure to use specific keywords. The word wholesale is often overused so consider substituting it for distributor. A sample search could read Mobile Phone Distributors. Try to avoid any sponsored advertisements that appear during searches because true wholesale suppliers don't use sponsored ads.

If you have found a reliable wholesale supplier, see if the company already has merchandise selling on eBay. If they do, it's more likely that you won't be able to purchase the items at a fair enough price that you can still have a respectable profit margin. Between eBay and PayPal, 15% of your sale is already gone when it's made.