eBay Product Listing Images

A picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to making an eBay listing, it can be worth even more than that. Consumers rarely buy an item without being able to see it for themselves first, so when creating an eBay product listing, it is important to include images of the product to entice customers to buy. Adding pictures to your eBay product listings may cost additional fees, but you will have a hard time getting bids on an item without them.

Basic Product Listing Images

Competition on eBay can be fierce and many times a product may be listed by several sellers. Without a picture attached, you are likely to lose a sale to a competing seller who has supplied images in his eBay product listing. If you are not the artistic type, you can still find easy ways to add images to your listing. Using an image search engine like Google or Bing can provide you with a variety of images to add to your listing.

When purchasing items from a drop shipping company, a product image will often be supplied for you. You can use the same images that the drop shipping company uses when listing your product on eBay. This way you can guarantee that the product pictured is the same one that your customers will receive.

Advanced Product Listing Images

With such a stiff competition to be up against, it pays to be able to make your eBay product listing stand out. Creating your own images is an easy way to have a unique product listing that makes your product look better than your competition. Taking pictures to use in your eBay product listing is easy - just make sure the subject is in focus and there is a good source of lighting. Taking multiple pictures from multiple angles is recommended so that customers can get a good look at the product. There are several photo editing programs that can help you easily touch up product listing images and add text like a company logo or watermark to prevent your pictures from being used by competing sellers.

Using images in your eBay product listings can help attract more customers and can help you stand out above the competitors. For a quick solution, you can use images from a search engine or drop shipping company in your product listings. For a more unique listing, try taking your own photographs using a digital camera.