Drop Shipping and eBay: The Power of the Powerseller

The Power of Selling

Drop shipping has made it possible for eBay sellers and many other self-made sellers to reach high in terms of profit and success. Convenience, quality, customer service, professionalism, repertoire, reputation: these are all qualities of a top-notch seller. More so, eBay provides an even better establishment for someone who excels in sales, in their home business: it is the prestige on eBay of becoming what is known as the "Powerseller".

The Highest Qualities

eBay provides free membership to the Powerseller Program, so there is no investment necessary - only the will and commitment and persistence to reach high in sales and quality of service. To qualify for such a membership within eBay, one needs to uphold eBay's community values: honesty, timeliness and mutual respect. A 3-month requirement of $1,000 in sales or 100 items per month and a $12,000 minimum or 1,200 items in one year also establish you as an esteemed Powerseller on eBay. Items sold also play a role in qualification: a seller has to sell two items per month for three months total and also fulfill the same annual requirement of two items per month solid. An overall feedback rating of 100 of which 98% stands positive, a 90-day active membership, good financial standing within the account and compliance with all eBay listing marketplace policies are required.

Steady Growth Matters

After viewing the qualifications, prestige shows well when it comes to the Powerseller. Not only do you prove yourself in sales, but not many can compete with you due to your reputation and track record. However, you start small: don't expect to make it there fast. Developing that prestige takes some time. An eBay seller needs to work in non-competitive markets, establishing positive feedback ratings, working on timeliness and whichever drop shipping company you go with. The key is customer service. You work on that, you can only go up.

The Benefit of Drop Shipping

Of course, with that prestige of a Powerseller comes the convenience and easy communication and, of course, timeliness, as said before. The remarkable aspect of drop shipping is simply that: it provides the seller with timeliness, convenience. It also assures the buyer a quality product, safely delivered. Drop shipping works much like purchasing a product wholesale, only the manufacturer actually delivers the product directly to the customer. The seller doesn't have to worry about a second stop to home base and then efforts to safely package the product, send it out, ensure quality delivery and everything else. The manufacturer takes care of it for you.

Powerselling at Its Best

Some of the advantages of being a Powerseller aren't simply the reputation and the quality of service earned by experience; as a Powerseller on eBay, you get many special benefits such as prioritized customer support online, promotional offers and merchandise through eBay, advanced selling education, and more research capabilities. The resource of eBay's Reseller Marketplace, providing a Powerseller with the access to even more manufacturers, liquidators and wholesalers, offers a wealth of profit normally not readily available to just any seller.

Sky's the Limit

We then have the ultimate result: with all of these resources, advantages, opportunities, benefits, everything behind the Powerseller Program, really the sky is the limit when it comes to selling. Tapping into numerous wholesalers, drop shippers, manufacturers, expanding product lines, maintaining that positive feedback - in only a matter of time, a Powerseller simply has to establish a presence without even making an effort to "sell", and revenue instantly kicks in. In no time, the buyer will contact you - instead of the other way around.