How to List Drop Ship Products on eBay

Drop shipping is a supply chain business technique that occurs when an individual hires a company to ship the products directly to customers. Drop shipping is a good strategy for individuals selling products out of their own home because they do not need to keep inventory on hand. eBay is a very popular venue for individuals to sell their drop ship products. People wishing to drop ship products on eBay should make sure they know how to list their drop ship products before proceeding.

Choosing a Supplier and Products to Sell

Before listing products on eBay, you will first need to pick a drop ship company to work with. Make sure you pick a company that is reputable and has been in business for at least a couple of years. You will also want to review the product list of the drop ship company and make sure they manufacture the products you want to sell. Choose products that are popular with eBay customers but do not have too many other individuals selling them.

Steps to Listing Drop Ship Products on eBay

You will first need to research the products your drop shipper offers and decide what items you wish to list. An advantage of using a drop ship company to list products on eBay is that there is virtually no risk involved. There are no start up costs and you do not have to purchase an item in order to list it on eBay. You will only have to pay for an item once a customer buys it.

Once you have started an eBay account, the first step in listing a product is to pick a category for the item. You can search for relevant categories by typing in keywords and conducting a search on the sellers page. Make sure you place the item in a category that is relevant and accurate.

You will then be prompted to enter the product information such as description, size and color. Product descriptions and photographs can usually be pulled directly from the drop shipper's web site. Make sure that the photograph you use is high-quality.

You will then need to enter in shipping and payment information. You can decide whether or not you want to list the drop shipper's information on the listing. If you don't want people to know you are using a drop shipper, just enter in your personal information.

Another step in listing drop ship products on eBay is choosing a selling format. The two methods are either online auction or Buy It Now. The auction format allows people to bid on your product and Buy It Now allows them to buy your product instantly for a fixed price.

If you choose the online auction format, you will need to set a price for your drop ship products. Choose a price that will keep you competitive with other sellers but that will also ensure you make a profit.

The final step is to collect your payment from the customer and notify your drop ship company when you have sold an item. You will want to follow up with them in a week or two to ensure that the product has been delivered.