eBay Product Listing Descriptions

eBay has become an enormously popular electronic marketplace for both sellers and buyers. Many home based businesses have taken their store to eBay, as eBay selling provides more opportunities to reach larger and more diverse circles of people. Of course, because there are so many sellers on eBay today, you need to know how to make your products stand out from other sellers that carry the same or similar goods. The first step for doing this is to write appealing listing descriptions for your products.

How To Write a Good Product Listing Description

It is no secret that selling on eBay is highly competitive. Well written product listing descriptions are a likely way to get ahead of your competition. There are a few basic bits of information to keep in mind when writing your listings:

  • Be descriptive about the item (weight, features, dimensions, etc.), but bear in mind that you want to keep the information on both a concise and practical level. You don't want to burden the reader with excess amounts of irrelevant information. It is also important that the information you provide is accurate.
  • You want to have a grabbing header. Keywords such as "rare," "vintage," and "brand new" can be appealing to a buyer depending on what you are selling.
  • Your text should be in a larger font. You don't want it to be obnoxiously large, but it is advised to use something that is bigger than 12 point. This way, the buyer can comfortably read the text.
  • The appearance of your listings can be just as important as the content within. To avoid a dull, bland looking page, add some color to the fonts to breathe a little lift into the listing.
  • Stay organized. Use neat lists and small, clean paragraphs to display the details of your products. If your listing is out of control and the reader cannot decipher information in the time of a few seconds, you could lose business.

You will have an easier time writing your product listings if you keep these things in mind. It never hurts to research your competition and observe what they are doing in their product listings. Look at whether their techniques seem to be working or failing. Of course, do not copy and paste your competition's listings. Just look into what techniques they are using so that you may further improve your own listing according to what seems to appeal to buyers.