Best Drop Ship Products to Sell on eBay

Creating the best drop shipping retail business largely depends on what products you plan to sell to customers on eBay. As the world’s largest online auction house, eBay provides you with an excellent place where you can list your drop ship products for millions of prospective customers to see. Finding the right products to sell on eBay often comes down to product size, durability, market demand and cost.

Health and Beauty Supplies

Health and beauty supplies that include makeup, skin care and body products garner millions of dollars per year for big businesses and eBay sellers. Items such as a facial mask cream or a packet of multicolor eyeliners are excellent products to drop ship on eBay. They can be purchased in massive quantities at wholesale prices that are not affected by excessive shipping costs because each unit is small and well packaged. eBay is an excellent place to sell beauty supplies such as facial mask creams or body rejuvenating serums because the majority of big retail businesses do not carry a large selection of top quality health and beauty supplies. The low wholesale cost of such products allows you to offer a wide range of different beauty supplies to customers who are looking for a specific type of product or name brand through the convenience of online shopping.

The most important benefit of drop shipping health and beauty supplies on eBay is the fact that they are renewable products, which customers will continue to purchase if they see positive results. This helps you develop a relationship with returning customers and protects you from falling into a seasonal slump that can occur when attempting to only sell trendy products.

Computer Accessories

Computer accessories have all the best available attributes to successfully drop ship on eBay. Computer accessories include:

  • Webcams
  • External hard drives
  • USB flash drives
  • Laptop batteries
  • Laptop cases and sleeves
  • Ink cartridges
  • Headsets and microphones

All of the above computer accessories can be purchased in bulk at wholesale prices, allowing you to turn around and sell them at a premium rate. Products such as webcams, microphones, USB flash drives and external hard drives are durable and can fit in small to medium sized packages, which cuts down on the fees you pay for the drop shipping service. Additionally, special computer accessory products such as ink cartridges and laptop batteries have limited life spans so you can always rely on them to maintain a moderate market demand as customers return to purchase a full ink cartridge or a charged laptop battery.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of drop shipping computer accessories on eBay is the possibility of customers purchasing multiple products at the same time from your storefront. By listing all of your computer accessories on eBay together, customers are more likely to purchase all of their computer accessory needs with one visit to your eBay storefront. The products can then be drop shipped together, which may save you extra money on the drop shipping service fees.

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories includes the following products:

  • Children’s clothing
  • Packs of basic clothing essentials such as socks, boxers and t-shirts
  • Accessories such as sunglasses, handbags, belts and jewelry
  • Brand names and designers such as Chanel, Hollister and American Apparel

Clothing and related accessories make excellent products to drop ship on eBay because they can often be shipped in small packages and sell very well throughout the year.

For example, children’s clothing can be sold year-round on eBay because of the continual solid market demand. You can purchase a volume of children’s clothing in different sizes so customers can purchase more clothing products from you as their child continually grows. Basic adult clothing essentials such as underwear, socks and colored t-shirts are also continually in moderate demand and are guaranteed to attract a diverse range of customers.

To complement the year-round basic clothing products, you can also drop ship seasonal and trendy items such as sunglasses, handbags and designer branded products. Keeping a keen eye on the latest summer or winter clothing accessory trends can help you spot opportunities to make money by drop shipping a certain style of sunglasses or name brand handbags on eBay while the demand is high.