Drop Shipping and eBay: Establishing an eBay Reputation

Building a Repertoire

In the field of eBay selling, online business has evolved into one serious professionalism and quality customer service. Drop shipping has become a part of that characteristic, and many eBay sellers apply that technique in their home businesses. However, what really stands out in paramount importance is the ability to build a repertoire on eBay. In fact, sales revolve mostly around that concept: relationship building. For anyone to buy your product, generally they have to "like" you enough to want to buy. It's not necessarily about the product. It's about "you". They're buying "you", not just your product. So how does one build a successful repertoire on eBay?

Positive Word of Mouth

Another useful aspect of sales is the simple concept of "word of mouth". It always seems too good to be true to even make a difference, but the truth is it does. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire among the most important success drivers in the business: the consumer. On eBay, one of the most important goals of selling is developing positive feedback among your customers. Feedback is so important that even some tactics involve taking losses of profit when selling just to attain a high volume of positive praise among buyers. Word spreads. Buyers appreciate dependability, quality, service, speedy and reliable communication and just a general human nature.

Starting Slow

As a starting professional eBayer using a drop shipper for products, many times it's best to sell in non-competitive markets, building the repertoire first before working on high profits and establishing growth within the home business. The mantra is simply "start small then work your way up". In the realm of sales, building the brand is the most important and methodical way to make the steps up to success. It might take some time. But the end result will almost always be higher profits.

A Seller is Also a Buyer

It is common knowledge, too, that in order to sell your product, you have to know and own your product as well. In fact, you have to know and own simply the concept of buying products online from other sellers, being an effective and substantial part of the online selling community, promoting consumer growth. Simply making yourself visible on eBay is priceless. Buying other people's products may not give you feedback at all - but it builds your reputation in a way that's even more solid than a number rating.

A Positive Impact

Trust is important in the business of eBay selling. You have a product people want, you have the means to deliver it with convenience and ease of mind. But more importantly, you have to be someone a buyer wants to work with. It is the last word in selling. Establishing the repertoire makes sense if you want to sell well.