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World Wide Brands is not a wholesale company in and of itself. Rather, World Wide Brands is a sophisticated wholesale and drop shipping tool that gathers detailed information on over 8,000 wholesale companies world wide. Although World Wide Brands is designed to be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate, drop shipping beginners are advised to take advantage of some of the free World Wide Brands training tools available on their web site. These training resources will teach you more about the wholesale and drop shipping business, as well as how to properly take full advantage of your World Wide Brands membership.

World Wide Brands Video Tutorials

If you'd like to learn more about how to use the comprehensive product database maintained by World Wide Brands, it's advisable to take a look at WWB's index of video tutorials. These video tutorials include easily understood lessons on using the World Wide Brands software. Here, you'll find videos such as Dashboard and Performing a Product Search. These videos are designed to teach you the absolute basics of using the World Wide Brands database. As you become more comfortable with World Wide Brands, you can move on to other videos such as Wholesaler Listings, the Whole Sale, and Built-In Market Research. If you'd prefer, you can also view and print a transcript of the dialogue in each video.

World Wide Brands eBooks

Another crucial component of the World Wide Brands training suite is their collection of eBooks. This is a collection of three full eBooks written by Chris Malta, the CEO of World Wide Brands. The titles include "Starting Your Internet Business Right," "How to Find Real Products You can Sell Online," and "Understanding the Internet for Home Business." You can download and read all of these eBooks free of charge. Be sure to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to view the books properly. These eBooks represent excellent training resources for drop shipping beginners and experienced online drop shippers alike.

World Wide Brands Blog

For a constant stream of useful information regarding every aspect of the wholesaling and drop shipping industry, take a look at the World Wide Brands Blog. This is available under the Learning Center tab on the World Wide Brands home page. Here, you'll find text and video entries published by World Wide Brands executives and professionals, including Chris Malta himself. The WWB Blog covers a wide variety of topics, including shipping rates, multiple piece orders, managing product types, product returns, customer service and more. The World Wide Brands Blog is updated frequently, making it a crucial World Wide Brands training tool for drop shipping businesses who want to stay current with market trends.