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Many people are turning to drop shipping as a legitimate way of making money, and potentially lots of money, online. Unfortunately, many scammers and mediocre companies have taken advantage of drop shipping and wholesaling's popularity by offering inflated prices, poorly made products and subpar customer service. Thankfully, World Wide Brands maintains and updates a complete database of legitimate wholesale companies. By purchasing a WWB membership, you'll have access to several World Wide Brands tools that will allow you to find the best possible prices on high quality wholesale products.

World Wide Brands Dashboard

One of the most basic World Wide Brands tools is the Dashboard. The Dashboard will serve as your gateway to the entire database maintained by World Wide Brands, which includes listings of over 8 million products among 8,000 online wholesalers. From the Dashboard, you can search for products according to keywords and specifications. You can also use this area to save your favorite suppliers, and sort them according to various parameters. As you search for products, the Dashboard will categorize them depending on whether they're sold by a drop ship wholesaler, light bulk wholesaler, instant import buys, or liquidation auctions.

World Wide Brands Wholesaler Listings Tools

One of the most popular World Wide Brands tools is their wholesaler listings. If you'd prefer to search by wholesalers instead of products or product types, World Wide Brands facilitates this. You can scan the thousands of wholesalers listed at World Wide Brands to gather information regarding their reputation, shipping costs, return policies and more. Once you find a wholesaler that you'd like to work with, you can save them to your favorites and set up an account with the wholesaler, all within the World Wide Brands tools. This allows you to streamline your drop shipping workflow, something that will save you time and improve your profitability.

World Wide Brands Market Research Tools

The set of World Wide Brands tools included with your WWB membership includes more than just product searches and wholesaler listings. World Wide Brands will actually work with you directly using their built-in market research to maximize your profits and get products to your end customers as quickly as possible. World Wide Brands analyzes the entire wholesale market to give you pertinent information regarding product demand, advertising, auction pricing, competition analysis and more. You'll be able to choose the most appropriate prices for all of your products in real time using these advanced World Wide Brands tools.