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Many individuals believe that online wholesaling, drop shipping, and other related Interent businesses are scams. Although (as with any online market) drop shipping does have the potential for scamming, the reality is that there are many reputable wholesale and drop shipping companies online. The difficulty, of course, is finding the legitimate wholesale distributors and ignoring the scammers and imitators. Fortunately, a wholesale supplier publishing company named World Wide Brands is doing just that. By purchasing a one-time lifetime membership to World Wide Brands, you can access the best wholesale companies and avoid getting scammed.

World Wide Brands is Safe

You might be wondering, why should I trust World Wide Brands to rate other companies when I'm not sure of World Wide Brands' reputation in the first place? The answer is quite simple. World Wide Brands is a legitimate online wholesale publisher with years of experience in the market, and the pristine online reputation to match. The company charges an extremely low fee of $299 for a membership, which will earn you permanent access to WWB's massive online database of over 8,000 wholesale retailers and 8 million products. These wholesale companies are proven to be legitimate and safe by World Wide Brands.

World Wide Brands and eBay Certification

Another factor indicating that World Wide Brands is not a scam is their involvement with eBay. Currently World Wide Brands is the only wholesale supplier publisher that has earned an eBay certification. The majority of the people who use World Wide Brands to browse and analyze wholesale retailers use eBay to ultimately sell their drop shipped products to customers. World Wide Brands is also a member of the Certified Developer's Program within eBay. Finally, Chris Malta, the CEO of World Wide Brands, is the Product Sourcing Editor on eBay radio, a streaming radio station made by eBay.

World Wide Brands and the Better Business Bureau

If you still have some suspicion about World Wide Brands being a scam, look no further than their standing with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB. World Wide Brands is currently a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and you can see their BBB record via a link on the World Wide Brands website. World Wide Brands recommends that you never deal with a drop shipping or wholesaling company before investigating their past BBB record.