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World Wide Brands is a reputable online wholesale directory publisher. Although this might sound complicated, how World Wide Brands works is actually quite simple. There are thousands of drop shipping companies available on the Internet. Many of these companies are extremely reputable, and offer genuine services to their customers. Other drop shippers, however, are not so reliable. Often, these mediocre drop shipping companies offer inflated prices, or don't actually provide wholesale goods directly at all. World Wide Brands has taken on the task of sorting out all of these drop shipping companies to separate the best from the worst.

World Wide Brands and Trade Shows

World Wide Brands does a whole lot more than simple Internet research when they review, organize and categorize drop shipping businesses. Rather, World Wide Brands travels to industry trade shows to talk to the owners of drop shipping companies in person. This allows World Wide Brands to gauge the reputation of the drop shipping company directly while receiving valuable information about pricing, product selection, shipping methods and more. World Wide Brands then compares and contrasts the information they gather in order to choose the absolute best wholesale suppliers.

World Wide Brands Membership Info

As World Wide Brands continues to collect more information regarding wholesale product providers and drop shippers, they add this information to their massive database. This database is searchable and filterable by members of World Wide Brands. For example, you could choose to scan the entire database of World Wide Brands approved drop shippers for a certain type of product. You could then organize your product search according to price. This will allow you to find the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, and then provide those products to your customers. This is only one of many tools included in your World Wide Brands membership, which sells for $299 for a lifetime subscription.

World Wide Brands Free Services

You can test some of the services offered by World Wide Brands before you decide to purchase a membership. Chris Malta, the CEO of World Wide Brands, has personally written some eBooks and posted them to the World Wide Brands homepage free of charge. These titles, such as "Starting Your Internet Business Right" and "How to Find Products to Sell Online" are designed for drop shipping beginners, and allow novice entrepreneurs to see how World Wide Brands works. World Wide Brands also provides free featured videos, such as "Beat the Recession with eCommerce" and "Wholesale Tips by Chris Malta" to further round out their selection of free instructional media.