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As you continue to explore the drop shipping industry, and the prospect of starting your own drop shipping company, you'll quickly discover that an eBay storefront is a highly efficient means of moving your products. eBay is an online auction site that has been a household name throughout the world for many years. By selling your wholesale products on eBay, you can reach an existing user base of millions of customers. When you combine the power of World Wide Brands and eBay, you'll be able to maximize profits while delivering high quality, thoroughly tested products to your valued customers.

World Wide Brands: An eBay Certified Wholesale Directory Publisher

Currently, there are hundreds of wholesale directory publishers online. These companies, including World Wide Brands, are designed to connect drop shipping businesses to reliable and tested wholesalers. However, it's important to remember that not all of these wholesale directory publishers are created equally. In fact, World Wide Brands is the only wholesale directory publisher that is officially certified by eBay. This is yet another indication of World Wide Brands' reputation, and the profitability that is in store for individuals who sign up for a WWB membership.

The Tools You Need for World Wide Brands and eBay

In order to properly sell wholesale goods on eBay, you'll need to find legitimate providers of wholesale goods. In addition, you'll need to compare prices among these wholesalers if you wish to maximize profits. World Wide Brands and eBay provide all of the tools you'll need to complete these tasks and more. As part of their membership package, World Wide Brands offers cutting edge tools that let you search and compare products and prices at thousands of different wholesale companies. In addition, you'll be able to scan and analyze existing eBay markets to determine the proper reselling prices for all of your products.

World Wide Brands and eBay Services

World Wide Brands provides the analysis tools you need to make sure that your products will sell at best possible prices. Within the product analysis, you'll find information such as:

  • A rating of the likelihood that your product will sell
  • Existing sales figures for the products you intend to sell
  • An overview of your competitors
  • How many individuals are searching for your products

The World Wide Brands and eBay databases are updated on a daily basis to ensure that all analysis information is current and accurate. You'll feel confident in knowing that you'll be receiving the best possible return on your investment with a World Wide Brands membership.