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World Wide – Scam Free and reputable, you can trust World Wide Brands with the success of your business. You can join today (risk free) and find out for yourself.

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World Wide Brands is one of the most popular and respected drop shipping companies in the world. They have achieved this status by offering world-class customer support, rock bottom pricing, and one of the most expansive product lines in the drop shipping industry. In addition, World Wide Brands is unique in that they offer a fully realized affiliate program. The World Wide Brands affiliate program allows you to earn residual income simply by turning on other individuals and businesses to World Wide Brands. Due to the existing reputation and popularity of World Wide Brands, this is an extremely easy sale to make.

World Wide Brands Affiliate Program Information

At this point, you might be wondering just exactly what the World Wide Brands affiliate program entails. As a member of the WWB affiliate program, you'll get paid to advertise and successfully promote the World Wide Brands membership service. Each time you make a sale, you'll be given a portion of the purchase price. World Wide Brands is very well known among the drop shipping industry, and as such, it will be quite easy to promote and sell the product. All you need to do is join the World Wide Brands affiliate program (which is free of charge), refer potential customers to World Wide Brands, and make sure that they purchase the service.

World Wide Brands Affiliate Program Tools

World Wide Brands understands that word of mouth advertising alone is not sufficient to sell products and services online. As such, they supply the members of their affiliate program with all of the tools necessary to properly promote the World Wide Brands name. You'll receive a Unique Affiliate ID, including hyperlinks, text links, banner ads and more. You can post these links and ads on your own website or social networking page. When somebody clicks your link, your ID will be sent to the World Wide Brands website, letting WWB know that your hard work has resulted in a new customer. If this customer makes a purchase, you'll receive a chunk of the retail price as a commission.

Getting Paid Through the WWB Affiliate Program

Each time a new customer purchases a World Wide Brands membership after clicking one of your links or banner adds, you'll receive 25% of the sale price. This comes to $74.75 for a lifetime membership, the most popular method of purchase for new World Wide Brands customers. You can also make money by recommending the WWB affiliate program itself to other individuals and businesses. When your own affiliates make a sale through one of their links, you'll receive 10% of the sale. This comes to $29.90 per lifetime membership.

You'll be paid by the 15th of each month via PayPal or paper check, whichever you prefer. If you're willing to spend time advertising and placing links throughout your websites, you'll find that the World Wide Brands affiliate program will act as an excellent source of extra income.