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Today, it's incredibly easy to browse the Internet to find wholesale manufacturers and distributors. These wholesale companies sell products in bulk for prices that are significantly cheaper than you'd pay at a typical retail outlet. Usually, these products are of very high quality, and are indistinguishable from their name brand counterparts. However, many wholesale companies offer lower quality products at steep prices, with expensive shipping policies and questionable ethical practices. Fortunately, Shopster wholesale exists to separate the reputable wholesalers from the scammers. Although it does cost a membership fee to gain full access to Shopster, you can experiment with the Shopster wholesale search engine using a free membership.

Shopster Wholesale Listings

Essentially, the drop shipping and wholesale industry involves finding wholesale manufacturers and distributors, selecting products that you'd like to resell, and posting those products up for sale on an eBay store or personal web site. The process becomes more complicated when you realize that different wholesalers will offer different prices on the same products. In addition, some wholesalers provide higher quality products than others. The process gets even more complex when you consider that some products will sell much more quickly to an online market than others. This is where the Shopster wholesale list comes in handy. Shopster maintains a list of over 85,000 drop shipping and wholesaling companies. You can search this list according to a variety of parameters, such as product pricing. In total, the Shopster wholesale list includes 1.5 million unique products. This will provide everything you need to get your online store up and running, and more importantly, profitable.

Shopster Wholesale Blog

Whether you're a drop shipping beginner or an advanced eCommerce veteran, the Shopster Blog will provide valuable resources for advancing your business. The Shopster Blog is updated on a near-daily basis to provide your wholesale business with timely information covering a broad range of drop shipping products. Once you've used the Shopster wholesale list to get an idea of the types of products you'd like to sell, you can use the Shopster blog to learn the fine details of selling the goods. Topics include attracting online customers with discount codes, selling seasonal goods, offering personal care products, making order confirmation emails, and more. Crafty marketing tips are also includes, such as creating a sense of urgency for your customers and preventing them from abandoning a completed online shopping cart.

Shopster Wholesale Training and Resources

In addition to the Shopster Blog, Shopster provides plenty of training videos and instructional articles that will help you to get your Shopster wholesale site up and running. If you'd rather not use an eBay store or a personal website, you can actually use Shopster's web site creation resources, including graphic design, to create your own site within the Shopster network. This is a great way to increase your online business' visibility among the wholesale and drop shipping market.