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Shopster is an online drop shipping and wholesaling service that will assist you in every aspect of creating your online storefront and making sales to your end customers. Although the concept of drop shipping is actually quite simple, there are many details involved in the industry that relative newcomers are usually unfamiliar with. In order to maximize your profits and make your drop shipping business as efficient and stress-free as possible, it's advisable to take advantage of the Shopster training resources that are available on the Shopster website. You can find these under the Community tab on the Shopster home page.

Shopster Training - Drop Shipping and eCommerce FAQs

If you're completely new to the drop shipping and wholesaling industry, it's important to start with the FAQ sections available through Shopster. Here, you'll receive basic information on how Shopster, and the drop shipping community in general, works. The FAQs include important topic such as how Shopster can help your business, the definition and benefits of drop shipping, membership levels, and how to expand your existing online store using Shopster's tools and services. You'll learn other drop shipping basics as well, such as the importance of creating an online store and how to eventually get paid for your wholesaling work.

Shopster Training - Online Seller and Drop Shipper Help

As you become more familiar with Shopster and the drop shipping industry, you might want to peruse the eCommerce help topics available at Shopster.com. This area of the site provides free Shopster training on such topics as adding, importing, and exporting products, making categories, using design templates, and managing reports. You can also use this area of the site to read about your store's settings, such as sales tax, shipping policies, and payment gateways. Basically, this is the area of Shopster where you'll learn the technical details of how your store operates and runs. You can even use this section to edit your Shopster profile, which is a perfect way to get in touch with like-minded drop shippers and wholesale companies.

Shopster Webinars

Shopster webinars are essentially online educational seminars that are intended to teach you more about how to properly use Shopster to maximize the profits and efficiency of your online storefront. Basically, this is a rotating video series that will help any drop shipper, whether you're a beginner or an advanced Shopster user. Topics such as "SEO 101 for your Shopster Online Store" will tell you how to create textual content for your store that will attract customers through search engine optimization. "How to Sell on eBay - The Right Way!" goes over the finer details of using Shopster and eBay in combination to better your business. The video is one hour in length, and is available free of charge.