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Shopster is a popular social eCommerce networking site that uses a simple slogan in their advertising: The Power to Sell More. When you consider the tools and services that Shopster provides to their members, you'll understand why there's so much truth in this slogan. Shopster tools range from a massive searchable database of reputable wholesalers to high quality store templates that you can use to create your own personalized online retail outlet. Shopster tools also include such useful services as membership add ons and banner and logo designs. Shopster is designed to be a one-stop shop for all aspiring web entrepreneurs, whether you intend to start an online business from scratch or add on to an existing drop shipping store.

Shopster Tools - PowerMerchant Enterprise

PowerMerchant Enterprise is the most powerful membership package available from Shopster. With this premium membership, you'll receive complete access to 1.5 million products spanning 85,000 reputable online wholesale and dorp shipping companies. In addition, you'll gain access to a number of useful Shopster tools that will increase your efficiency and profitability. These tools include store templates, 50 GB in monthly bandwidth, access to the Shopster Network directory, bulk product upload, custom logo design, store reviews and an SEO optimization package. Many of these features, with the exception of logo design, store reviews and SEO optimization, are also available in the more inexpensive Shopster memberships. You can even gain limited access to Shopster tools via a free membership. This is a great way of checking out what Shopster has to offer before you purchase a paid membership.

Shopster Graphic Design Services

If you want to have a successful online business, you'll need to be sure that your web site looks professional and reliable. One of the most popular Shopster tools is Shopster's design services. For a small fee, or for free with a premium account, Shopster will help to design your website for you. This is done through logo designs (which will represent your company), banner designs (for placing ads on other web sites), and store templates (which will be used for the actual layout of your web site). Shopster's web site offers a full gallery of high quality graphic design work that they'd done in the past. Plenty of familiar web sites have taken advantage of Shopster's design tools.

Shopster Power Up Add Ons

Shopster tools also include a number of useful upgrades that you can add to your Shopster membership and/or online business web site. Custom domain names are available for $7.99, while eCommerce store reviews are priced at $29.99. A Search Engine Optimization report is priced at $19.99 per month, and it's proven to increase your search engine visibility. If you'd like to schedule a phone consultation with a skilled Shopster team member, you can purchase a one hour live customer support session for $25.