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Occasionally, you may discover an online article or forum posting describing how Shopster, or other similar wholesale and drop shipping publishers, are scams designed to drain your wallet. The fact is that these claims are not based on reality. Many individuals sign up for drop shipping publishing sites such as Shopster, assuming that they'll automatically make money without investing any time or effort. Of course, if this is what you expect from Shopster, you may feel like you've been scammed. The reality, however, is that Shopster provides valuable services that are actually designed to prevent you from being scammed by wholesale retailers. When you use your Shopster membership as a tool to find reliable wholesalers, you'll understand why there is no Shopster scam.

Shopster is Safe to Use

Shopster is a safe and reliable company that has recently partnered with eBay as a Certified Solutions Provider. As you probably already understand, eBay is a massive online company with an excellent reputation to preserve. eBay does not partner with illegitimate companies, and Shopster is no exception. The services that Shopster provides are actually quite simple. As a Shopster member, you'll have complete access to a massive database of over 1.5 million unique wholesale items. You can then list these items directly in your eBay store or personal website for whatever price you choose. Your profit margin will depend on the original wholesale price of the item, as well as any shipping costs or other fees you may incur. It's free to use the Shopster database and list a small number of items each month. If you wish to list more items, you'll need to purchase an expanded Shopster membership for a monthly fee.

Shopster Customer Feedback

If you're still concerned that Shopster might be some sort of scam, look no further than the numerous customer testimonials posted online regarding the company. Thousands of people have started their own online businesses based around Shopster's unique social eCommerce network, and thousands more have expanded their existing online stores using Shopster's services. Shopster actually works hard to prevent scams from happening in the first place. They do this by refusing to publish product listings for wholesale companies that might illegitimate. When you find a product on Shopster, you'll know that the product will arrive at the end consumer's door quickly and free of defects. This will help to build your own company's reputation, and extremely important facet of any online business.

Shopster's Free Membership

The best way of knowing for yourself that there is no Shopster scam is to sign up for a free Shopster membership. From here, you'll be able to browse all of the products listed at Shopster and use their powerful search tools to find the best prices on any piece of merchandise. You can even start a basic online store and list up to fifteen products for sale. If you're unhappy with your membership, simply cancel it free of charge. The vast majority of customers decide to upgrade to an expanded membership after discovering just how useful Shopster really is.