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As an online drop shipping company, you'll need to pick and choose a product line to sell to your end customers. Some online retailers choose to deal with a specific types of products, such as consumer electronics or jewelry. Other companies opt to sell a broader range of goods. No matter what you choose to sell, you'll be able to find it from one of the many reputable online wholesalers listed by Shopster. The full catalogue of Shopster products includes of 1.5 million unique items ranging from health and beauty items to large home appliances, clothing and children's toys. You can search through this database of products by using your Shopster membership, which gives you access to a network of 85,000 product suppliers and online retailers.

Shopster Product Types

Shopster provides their members with the option to choose virtually every product type imaginable. While other drop shipping and wholesale list publishers limit their product line scope to a few types of products, Shopster understands that growing businesses may decide to expand to other product lines in the future, and as such, they facilitate this. The advantage of drop shipping with Shopster is that the types of products you sell will not be limited by your inventory space. Whereas it might be impossible to sell large consumer appliances or power tools as a wholesaler, Shopster will allow you to sell items of any size via drop shipping. This is because you'll never have to actually store or even handle the products that you sell through your eBay store or online storefront.

Listing Shopster Products

After you decide on the types of products you wish to sell through your online store, it will be time to list the products. The number of products that you'll be able to simultaneously list will depend on the level of your Shopster membership. With a free membership, you can list up to 15 products each month in your store. For $39.95 per month, you'll receive the PowerMerchant Starter membership. This allows you to list 200 products and add 200 products to the Shopster Network. $69.95 per month nets you a PowerMerchant Pro membership, which increases your product listing limit to 2,500. If you're serious about drop shipping and your company is ready to expand, you might consider a PowerMerchant Enterprise membership. This membership level costs $249.95 per month and comes with a product listing limit of 20,000. You'll also have the lowest transaction fees possible, among other perks.

Selling Shopster Products

Once you've decided on a membership package, the process of actually selling Shopster products will be quite easy. This is because Shopster provides access to an enormous amount of name brand products, something that most drop shipping and wholesale publishers don't offer. By offering the lowest possible prices on brands like Adidas, Lacoste, Levi's, Nike, Samsung, Apple, HP and Chanel, your store will quickly be filled with customers looking to place online orders.