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Shopster is an eCommerce and social networking site that is designed to facilitate every step of the drop shipping and wholesaling process. With Shopster, you can create your own online store, find wholesale suppliers and merchants, search and analyze product listings, and sell your own merchandise. In order to access Shopster, you'll need to pay a membership fee after your free Shopster trial expires. This membership will give you access to a listing of over 85,000 reputable online drop shippers and wholesale suppliers. Shopster memberships are useful for a number of individuals, small entrepreneurships, and large businesses alike. Whether you're selling your own manufactured goods or drop shipping wholesale merchandise, you'll find your profit margin increasing as you learn how Shopster works.

How Shopster Works - Finding Online Wholesalers

Today, many individuals are trying to strike it rich online by creating a drop shipping business. As a drop shipper, you'll connect end consumers with wholesale companies. You'll find wholesale products online and post them for sale through an online storefront. You can set the prices to whatever you'd like. However, the caveat is that many online wholesale companies are illegitimate, overpriced or poorly managed. Shopster separates the best wholesale companies from the imitators and compiles them into a massive searchable list of over 85,000 reputable online companies. Shopster works by allowing you to search these companies to find the products you want to sell at the lowest possible prices.

How Shopster Works - Name Brand Products

Typically, wholesale companies are limited to selling generic products that are not manufactured by name brand companies. Although these products are usually of very high quality, they lack the automatic selling power that is inherent with name brand products. Fortunately, Shopster breaks the mold by connecting your online drop shipping business with companies that sell name brand products. Read below for a listing of just some of the name brands you'll find while working with Shopster:

  • NFL
  • Motorola
  • Polo
  • Armani
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Kenwood
  • Nautica
  • Coleman
  • Puma
  • Timex
  • Blackberry

How Shopster Works - Creating Online Stores

To get a better idea of how Shopster works, it's important to understand the nature of buying and selling drop shipped products online. As an online retailer, you'll need to have access to some type of online storefront. This could be a simple eBay store or a customized web portal that is specific to your business. Regardless of the methods you choose for selling your products, Shopster will provide the tools you need to make your sales. Shopster offers pre-made online retails stores that cost as little as $79.95. In addition, their powerful eBay seller tools will allow you to post your drop ship products to eBay in an organized fashion that will help you keep track of your sales.