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Shopster is a reputable online company that publishes valuable information about drop shipping and wholesale companies. Shopster also acts as a complete eCommerce social networking site, allowing you to connect directly with wholesale companies and post products for sale through personal Shopster storefront or eBay store. Currently, you can gain access to some of Shopster's services by signing up for a free trial membership. You'll be able to use this Shopster free trial indefinitely, and you'll have the option of upgrading to an expanded membership at any time. The Shopster free trial represents a great opportunity for individuals to experience what Shopster has to offer without spending a penny.

Shopster Free Trial Information

If you're an online retailler, or if you're interested in starting an online drop shipping business, you may find the Shopster free trial account to be a valuable asset. Typically, free trials involve some sort of expiration date, at which point you'll be required to either cancel or pay for a full membership. The Shopster free trial is different, in that you'll be able to keep your free membership and continue to take advantage of Shopster services as long as you like. Shopster is confident that once you get a glimpse of the services they offer, you'll be interested in upgrading to one of their PowerMerchant accounts at a later date. If you choose not to upgrade, there will be absolutely no financial obligation, and you'll be able to continue your free trial indefinitely.

Shopster Free Trial Services

There are several key services included in your Shopster free trial. First, you'll gain limited access to the Shopster Network directory, as well as the 1.5 million products that are listed in Shopster's database. Once you find a few products that you'd like to sell, you'll be able to post up to 15 of them to your eBay store or personal online storefront. You'll be able to choose from two store template styles that can be used to customize your personal store. You'll also receive your own PayPal standard gateway, and up to 2 GB of monthly bandwidth. Best of all, you won't have to pay a single cent to take advantage of these Shopster services. If you wish to upgrade your account at a later time, you can do so for as little as $39.95 per month.

Shopster Free Trial Limitations

Of course, there are certain things included in Shopster's PowerMerchant memberships that you won't receive with your Shopster free trial. First, you won't be able to add any of your own products to the Shopster network. You also won't have access to custom logo designs, eCommerce store reviews, or the SEO optimization package. Bulk product upload is another feature that is disabled in the Shopster free trial, though there won't be a need for this until you upgrade your account anyhow. This is because Shopster's other membership packages allow you to post up to 200, 2,500 or 20,000 separate items, depending on the PowerMerchant package you choose. Unlike the Shopster free trial, PowerMerchant memberships cost between $39.95 and $249.95 each month.