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Shopster is a membership-based online service that allows you to browse over 1.5 million products from 85,000 wholesale retailers world wide. In recent years, Shopster has added complete integration with eBay. As a Shopster member, you'll be able to easily sell your drop shipped goods through an eBay online store. This will allow your drop shipping business to reach out to an existing user base of millions of eBay stores. Many drop shipping companies actually choose to use an eBay store in addition to an existing unique web store as a way of increasing sales and reaching a larger market. Regardless of what you choose, you can be confident in knowing that Shopster and eBay will work together to help your business grow.

How Shopster and eBay Work Together

Shopster has been certified by eBay as a Solution Provider. This means that eBay recognizes Shopster as a legitimate online business that contributes valuable resources to the eBay community. Not only does this solidify Shopster's online reputation, but it also means that Shopster is proven to be helpful when it comes to selling wholesale goods on eBay. Although a Shopster membership will not guarantee profit increases or instant eBay success, it can play a large part in your eBay store when used correctly. Fortunately, it's actually quite simple to integrate Shopster into your existing eBay store, or to use Shopster to open an eBay store for the first time.

How to Use Shopster and eBay

To start selling on eBay with Shopster, you'll first need to decide on the types of products that you'd like to offer to the massive eBay user base. You can do this by browsing Shopster's list of reliable drop shipping and wholesale companies. In addition, you can use Shopster to analyze eBay selling and buying trends. Shopster has partnered with a company called Terapeak, the creator of an in-depth research tool specifically made for eBay. Using Shopster and eBay, you can view crucial information such as the average selling price of a given product, the best timeframes for auction postings, keyword optimization and more. These are the tools you need to maximize your eBay store profits without conducting the research yourself.

Shopster and the eBay Listing Manager

As part of your Shopster membership, you'll have access to a powerful tool known as the Listing Manager. The Shopster Listing Manager allows you to quickly post multiple items for sale on eBay. You'll have complete control over pricing, page layout, payment and shipping methods, eBay categories and more. The advantage of the Listing Manager is that it streamlines the listing process and helps to organize the products that you wish to sell on eBay through your drop shipping service. Each listing will automatically be created with a product photo and product description provided by Shopster, saving you even more valuable time.