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Created in April of 2004, Shopster is a drop shipping and wholesale company that bills itself as a complete eCommerce social networking site. Though the site does allow for extensive networking between drop shipping retailers and wholesale providers, most users will be primarily interested in Shopster's massive database of over 1.5 million unique products. You can use Shopster to find products to sell, create an online storefront, and keep track of your sales and profits.

Although Shopster does face some stiff competition within the wholesale publishing industry, it remains popular because of its varied shipping options, multiple membership levels, training resources and low product pricing. Although it is quite expensive to sign up for a premium membership with Shopster, it is possible to try out many of their services free of charge.

  • Competitive product pricing.
  • 1.5 million product database.
  • Easy navigation.
  • Basic membership is free.
  • Multiple shipping services offered.
  • Comprehensive eCommerce learning center.
  • Impressive customer service.
  • Full PowerMerchant membership is expensive.
  • Free membership is quite limited.

Product Pricing

Shopster's product pricing is on par with what you'll find at most drop shipping and wholesale publishing sites. Shopster provides a searchable database of companies and products for your perusal. You can use this service to compare and contrast products and analyze their pricing schemes. After you find the products that you'd like to sell, you can list them at whatever price you'd like. Shopster provides plenty of helpful training tools that will teach you how to price your products in a way that will make them sell quickly while still maximizing profit margins.

Product Selection

Shopster maintains a massive database of over 1.5 million products from 85,000 online drop shippers, wholesalers and general retailers. You can search through this database to find exactly the types of products your looking for, and much of the database can be accessed with a free Shopster membership. Of course, you'll be confident in knowing that all of the wholesalers listed at Shopster all reputable. This will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to reliably getting your drop shipped products to your customers.

Shopster offers an enormous number of product types, spanning the entire range of online shopping. Just a few of the product categories include:

  • Automotive supply
  • DVDs, Music, Books
  • Jewelry
  • Video Games
  • Electronics
  • Art

Product Ordering (Payment Options)

Receiving money from Shopster is extremely simple. After you set up a personal store or eBay store through Shopster, you'll automatically receive payments from Shopster for all of your orders. Payment processing can be done through credit card, PayPal or bank order. If you have any concerns or issues with Shopster's payment processing, their customer support staff will be happy to resolve your problems.

Shipping Options

In the past, Shopster received complaints regarding their shipping times and prices. Fortunately, they've completely revamped their shipping system. Currently, they use UPS, DHL, USPS and FedEx for the majority of their shipping needs. In special cases, such as for extremely large items, they'll use other shipping services as well. Every order is attached to a tracking number that your customer will receive. Shipping prices are designed to cover actual costs, not to generate profits for you or Shopster. Standard shipping generally takes 6 to 9 regular business days, while expedited shipping is completed in 3 to 7 business days. International shipping times are generally longer.


Shopster is widely considered one of the easiest drop shipping websites to understand. The site features plenty of training resources designed to get you up to speed with drop shipping and wholesaling. In addition, Shopster has worked hard to create a site that is easy to navigate and use. Some of the useful usability features included in your Shopster membership include:

  • Tutorials on all aspects of setting up your store.
  • Step by step templates for each product sale.
  • Graphs and tips to determine the best pricing.
  • Software to design and display logos and make your website more appealing.

Service Customer Support

Customer support at Shopster is available via email. Shopster only replies to email queries during normal business hours, so be sure to allow some time to get your question answered. Most questions are answered in the extensive FAQ section of the Shopster website, so be sure to browse this area before sending an email.

Unfortunately, Shopster does not offer customer support over the phone for free. Instead, you can purchase one hour of customer support over the phone for $25. This is not intended to be a technical support call. Rather, your one hour phone call will be devoted to improving your Shopster store and increasing efficiency and profitability.


Shopster's online reputation has improved considerably since they revamped their shipping service and other parts of their site. Although a premium membership is still quite expensive, Shopster offers so many free resources that it's difficult to find fault with the site overall. A quick search of the Internet will reveal many satisfied individuals and businesses who currently work with Shopster, or who have had positive experiences with the site in the past. When you join Shopster, you'll be joining 85,000 other reputable and reliable drop shippers and wholesale companies. A less reputable company wouldn't be able to maintain such a large user base.

Wholesale Options

If you're strictly looking to purchase wholesale goods without utilizing a drop shipping process, Shopster might not be the best site for you. You won't receive a discount by buying in bulk. Rather, your profits will depend on your ability to sell individual goods to customers through drop shipping. If you'd rather stock your own inventory and deal with payments, shipping and store creation by yourself, you might want to look elsewhere. However, most online retailers are more than happy to stick to a drop shipping business model.

Membership Details

There are four separate retailer membership packages available at Shopster. These include a free membership, as well as PowerMerchant Starter ($39.95 monthly), PowerMerchant Pro ($69.95 monthly), and PowerMerchant Enterprise ($249.95 monthly). The PowerMerchant Enterprise package provides full access to the Shopster Network, as well as the ability to list up to 20,000 items to your store and 20,000 of your own items to the Network. The Enterprise membership will only be necessary for the largest online retailers, so you shouldn't feel obligated to purchase this pricey membership right away. You can utilize the free membership package at Shopster for as long as you like, and even this membership level is enough to get a basic personal or eBay store up and running.


Although Shopster has had some shipping problems in the past, and despite the fact that their best membership package is quite expensive, Shopster is currently one of the top drop shipping and wholesale publishing sites on the Internet. The site is extremely reliable and easy to use, and their database of training resources is one of the best online. Experienced drop shippers and novice online entrepreneurs alike will find Shopster to be an extremely valuable tool when it comes to selling products efficiently online.

Membership Details
Membership Cost:
$349.95 / Year
7 Day Free Trial
Shopster Dropship Drop Ship Company Shopster Rating System

7.45 /10

Product Pricing 8
Product Selection 8
Product Ordering 8
Shipping Options 7
Usability 8
Customer Support 8.5
Resources 7
Wholesale Options 7
eBay Integration 7
Membership Pricing 6