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How Doba WorksSalehoo.com – offers some of the absolute lowest wholesale prices in the drop shipping industry. With low one-time (risk free) membership prices, it is difficult to beat what Salehoo has to offer.

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There are many possible Salehoo wholesale options for Internet retailers. Salehoo has a directory of over 8,000 suppliers, many of which are manufacturers or wholesale providers. You can use the convenient Salehoo search feature to find the exact wholesaler you need. You can also post in the wholesale forum or use Salehoo Alert to find wholesale lots on eBay.

Finding a Wholesaler

Unlike many other drop shipping services, Salehoo makes it easy to pinpoint the exact wholesaler that you need. While the directory at Salehoo allows you to search for drop shippers, liquidators, manufacturers and wholesalers, you can narrow your search to return wholesalers only. Simply choose Wholesalers Only from the drop-down menu next to the search bar and enter a product or brand. You may also want to try searching for Manufacturers Only in order to get large quantities of a product at wholesale prices. The search will return a list of every wholesaler or manufacturer in the Salehoo directory that offers that product. You will be able to sort this list by country.

In order to find the best possible Salehoo wholesale provider, click on the different companies in the list to compare detailed information about each service. Salehoo will provide you with each company's contact information, location, shipping options, products and brands as well as a brief description. There will also be a link to the company's web site. Most importantly, you can look at user reviews regarding each Salehoo wholesale provider. Assessing the past experiences that Salehoo users have had with different wholesalers or manufacturers will help you choose the right supplier for your company.

Salehoo Wholesale Forum

Salehoo has a vibrant community of users and administrators that are constantly working to help each other. This is evidenced especially by the Salehoo wholesale forum. Any Salehoo member can use this forum to post questions or topics about variety of wholesale issues. The categories include Importing and Customs, Selling Products Online, General Trading Advice, Product Sources and Suppliers, Supplier Wanted, Products and Brands, and Scam Reports. You can create any relevant posting into any of these categories in order to get a relatively quick response from other Salehoo members. The Supplier Wanted category is especially helpful for Salehoo wholesale because it allows you to post exactly what kind of wholesale products you need as well any other details that are specific to your situation. If you can't find exactly what you need in the Salehoo directory, the Supplier Wanted section of the Salehoo wholesale forum is the next best place to go.

Salehoo Alert

Salehoo Alert is software that automates the process of searching through eBay listings. This is a Salehoo wholesale program that can be set up to search for specific products at specific time intervals. This allows you to find Buy It Now wholesale lots on eBay as soon they become available. There are many people who try to acquire wholesale lots on eBay, and these lots are often purchased within minutes. Salehoo Alert is a great Salehoo wholesale tool that will keep you in the running when trying to find success in the eBay wholesale business.