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In order to use Salehoo for creating or maintaining a profitable business, you must complete some Salehoo training. Salehoo provides some excellent educational materials that can take your drop shipping operation to the next level. These include free articles, members-only training guides, software tools and a lively user forum.

Salehoo Education

The Salehoo education section is the first place that any beginning Internet retailer should go to for Salehoo training. The Education tab is located at the top of the Salehoo homepage. It brings you to a large list of free articles that cover various different topics. Article categories include importing and shipping, business setup, finding and sourcing, scam prevention, and eBay selling. These Salehoo training articles discuss information for beginners as well as experienced drop shippers, and they are even available to non-members. Sample titles include:

  • All About Importing From China
  • How to Find the Best Drop Shippers
  • Registering a Business in the USA
  • Dealing with Problem eBay Buyers
  • eBay Beginner's Tips: Packing and Shipping
  • Advanced eBay Training: Trading Assistant

The education section also includes links to Salehoo's preferred software tools for eBay. This software includes Salehoo Alert and Auction Inspector. Thoroughly learning to use each of these programs during your Salehoo training can be a huge advantage. These programs provide detailed information about current eBay listings and can conduct automated eBay searches.

Salehoo Forums

There are over 75,000 Salehoo members that can help you in your Salehoo training. The Salehoo forum provides a way for this very large community to interact with each other. The Wholesale Discussion section of the forum will be most helpful when learning how to use Salehoo and how to become successful in the world of drop shipping. The categories in this section include importing and customs, selling products online, drop shippers and drop shipping, general trading advice, product sources and suppliers, products and brands, and scams. If you are a Salehoo member, you can post any relevant question into any of these categories in order to receive advice about these topics. The forum is very active, so you can be sure that you'll quickly receive many helpful replies from knowledgeable Salehoo users. If you need help using Salehoo itself, there is a Community Discussion section of the forum in which these types of questions will be answered.

Salehoo Training Guides

You will have access to Salehoo training guides once you become a member. These guides provide extensive information for beginning Internet sellers. The Salehoo training guides include:

  • Discover the ins and outs of drop shipping
  • How to find profitable products to sell
  • Shipping and importing for not-quite-dummies
  • Insider's guides to your favorite markets
  • Avoid being taken for a ride on the Shonky Supplier Express

These handbooks provide thoroughly detailed insider information that can help drop shipping beginners become successful while avoiding common pitfalls. Using these Salehoo training guides in combination with the forum and the free articles will give you a solid foundation for success in Internet retail.