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Many drop shipping companies provide methods for their users to get ahead in the world of Internet retail. Salehoo provides some of the best tools for finding the right suppliers and for deciding on the best products to sell, which can lead to maximum profit. Salehoo tools allow you to easily find exactly what you need to be successful.

Searching For a Product

The main Salehoo tool is the search function. While suppliers can be found by browsing through different product categories, the Salehoo search tool allows users to quickly and easily find the exact type of supplier that they need. Users simply click on the Suppliers tab at the Salehoo homepage. From there, any product or brand can be entered into the search bar. A drop-down menu next to the search bar allows you to narrow your search by selecting All Suppliers, Drop Shippers Only, Wholesalers Only, Manufacturers Only or Liquidators only. This search will return a list of suppliers that stock the items you need while providing the exact services you're looking for.

Once the list of suppliers is returned, several Salehoo tools can help you to pick the perfect one. For starters, you can organize the list by country. Many drop shippers are interested in importing from China, and Salehoo makes it easy to view every applicable Chinese supplier. Also, each supplier in the list will have a short description and a star rating. There are links provided that can send you to the supplier's web site, or you can view more detailed information right at Salehoo. If you click More Information, you'll be sent to a page that details the supplier's contact information, shipping methods and location. You'll also be able to see if they ship internationally. At this point, you'll also have access to another great Salehoo tool - the user reviews. You'll be able to gather information from many different Salehoo members who have used the supplier in the past. This way, you can be absolutely sure that you're using the best possible supplier.

Salehoo Research Labs

Among the Salehoo tools, the research labs are perhaps the most important. Every Internet retailer needs to conduct a lot of research in order to have any success. Salehoo's research lab is an easy-to-use tool for finding the demand for nearly any product. Simply go to the Research Labs tab at the top of the Salehoo homepage. Then, enter in a specific product in the search bar. The research lab will return a host of information about that product's eBay activity within the last 90 days. You will receive information regarding the product's average sale price, average start price, sell-through rate, most common auction duration, time of day accounting for most sales, most common listing type, most common category and day accounting for highest number of sales. You'll also be able to see how many current auctions for that product are taking place in different countries. Salehoo will then give the product a competition rating from very low to very high.

Another Salehoo tool that the research labs provide involves charts. You can choose up to five different products to be plotted out in a line graph. The graph will show the number of sales over a certain amount of time. With this information, you can spot product trends during and before they happen. You can also compare trends between different products. The research labs will also suggest certain products that are related to the one you searched for. A related product might be in higher demand.