Is Salehoo a Scam?

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Getting into drop shipping can be risky. Scammers do exist in this business. Some people will argue that the drop shipping tool Salehoo is a scam. However, these people have usually not done enough research and are misinformed about Salehoo. Knowing what Salehoo does and learning about its reputation will surely prove that Salehoo is not a scam.

What Exactly is Salehoo?

It is important to understand exactly what any drop shipping service does before you pay for a membership. If you go in expecting the wrong thing, you may end up thinking that you've been scammed. Salehoo is a drop shipping tool that provides a constantly updated directory of suppliers. You can find many different products from over 8,000 different manufacturers, wholesalers, drop shippers and liquidators. It is important to know that Salehoo does not stock any items themselves. They simply provide software that can link you to the exact type of supplier you need for the product you want to sell. You will never buy a product from Salehoo itself.

Salehoo Scam Prevention

In the world of drop shipping, it's an unfortunate fact that many scam suppliers exist. Salehoo scam theorists often misinterpret a bad experience with a supplier as a Salehoo scam. To prevent this, sellers need to do their research. Salehoo provides a three-tiered scam detection process. First of all, any supplier must pass a Salehoo review system before they are placed in the directory. Salehoo will often make an anonymous purchase from the supplier as part of this system. Salehoo's reviews can be read at the supplier's info page in the directory. Some less reputable dealers may still get into the Salehoo database, however. This is where the other two tiers come in. Salehoo allows member reviews to be posted on the supplier's directory page. Also, the Salehoo forum is a great place to get information about other members' dealings with a certain supplier. You can always contact the supplier yourself if you are still unsure.

Salehoo Awards and Reputation

Salehoo has a great reputation in the industry. They currently have over 75,000 members and are one of the most-used drop shipping tools in the world. They have won several awards including Global Operator Finalist at the 2008/2009 Champion Canterbury Awards, Finalist at the Vero Business Awards in 2009, and Exporter of the Year Finalist at the Air New Zealand Cargo Canterbury Export Awards in 2010.

Salehoo Money Back Guarantee

The fee for membership at Salehoo is $67 per year. This is a relatively low rate for a service that can help your retail business flourish. However, if you decide that you don't want to continue as a member, Salehoo will refund your fee 100% within the first 60 of membership. You only need to present them with your receipt number and your name. This shows Salehoo's confidence in its service. If Salehoo were a scam, it would certainly not offer such a simple money back guarantee with no questions asked.