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No two drop shipping services are exactly alike. Each one has their own strong aspects and shortcomings. Salehoo is a well-rounded drop shipping tool that can connect you with many different types of suppliers. Many users will post Salehoo feedback on the Internet, and some general trends appear in this information.

Positive Salehoo Feedback

In the world of drop shipping, money is the bottom line. You need to be able to keep your total expenses down in order to maximize your net profit. Memberships to certain drop shipping companies can be quite high and can eliminate a good portion of your revenue. Luckily, Salehoo's membership costs are fairly low when compared to many other drop shipping services. This is one of the main positive aspects that Salehoo users enjoy. The Salehoo membership cost is only $67 per year. Compared to other sites that require monthly payments, this is a good deal.

Another topic of positive Salehoo feedback involves the many supplier options. Salehoo allows its members to find and use wholesalers, drop shippers, liquidators and manufacturers. This allows Internet retailers of any kind to be a part of one community, creating many different networking and product opportunities.

Salehoo feedback reveals that it provides excellent profit margins. Because sellers can get products directly from manufacturers, there is no need to deal with middlemen who have raised the price on a product. Of course, not every product that you are looking to sell will be available from the manufacturer, but because of the range of suppliers in Salehoo's directory, you should be able to find a very low price on whatever you're looking for.

The research and educational materials at Salehoo are very well-reviewed. Salehoo has a large array of free informational articles regarding importing and shipping, scam prevention, finding and sourcing, business setup and eBay selling. There is also a very active forum where professional Internet retailers post advice and information regarding any selling topic. Salehoo has a community of members that help each other become successful.

Another aspect of Salehoo feedback involves the money-back guarantee. If you decide not to use Salehoo within the first 60 days of your membership, your first membership fee will be refunded 100%. This shows that Salehoo is confident in their services.

Negative Salehoo Feedback

Salehoo feedback usually does not include positive statements about its ease of use. The learning curve for using Salehoo can be high. However, the educational materials and the forum should help you learn how to use all of Salehoo's services. Also, Salehoo provides customer support in the form of one-on-one emails. This service is available 10 hours a day, six days a week. The Salehoo website is well-organized and, while it may not be as simple as some other drop shipping services, there are plenty of people and informational tools that can help you.

The only other negative aspect of Salehoo feedback usually involves the product selection. The number of available products at Salehoo is not as large as it is at some other drop shipping sites. However, you can use information from Salehoo's research labs to find available products that will sell at a very high profit margin. While you might not always find the exact product you're looking to sell, you will always be able to find something that will be profitable.