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How Doba WorksSalehoo.com – offers some of the absolute lowest wholesale prices in the drop shipping industry. With low one-time (risk free) membership prices, it is difficult to beat what Salehoo has to offer.

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Salehoo and eBay can be used in tandem for drop shipping success. Internet retailers can use Salehoo to find products at wholesale or near-wholesale prices. Then, those products can be sold on eBay for a profit. This process requires research and know-how. Luckily, Salehoo provides many eBay resources and tools that can help sellers of any experience level.

Salehoo eBay Education

Salehoo is a resource that many beginning Internet retailers use in order to break into the business. Most beginners also start out using eBay, so it's important that they learn how to integrate Salehoo's services with eBay's services. For this reason, Salehoo provides a wealth of educational materials that can help any Internet seller become successful when selling Salehoo products on eBay. A large Education section and the Salehoo website contains many free articles ranging from tips for beginners to advanced marketing techniques. Some of the titles include:

  • Beginner's Guide to eBay
  • 3 Steps to Repeat Sales
  • eBay Lesson: Advanced Training
  • eBay Arbitrage
  • Advanced eBay Training: Wholesale Sourcing
  • The Asian Market Place
  • eBay International

Salehoo eBay Forum

Salehoo provides a Wholesale and eBay Forum where you can discuss using Salehoo and eBay with other site members. This forum is members-only, but it is very active and can provide you with many different perspectives from many different members. The forum is also searchable, making it easy for you to find opinions and advice about any eBay query.

The forum is divided up into three categories: Salehoo Marketplace, Wholesale Discussion and Community Discussion. The Marketplace is where users and suppliers can list different products for sale. This section allows people to sell to each other and discuss different items without having to go through the directory. The Wholesale Discussion section is simply a place where members can talk about wholesaling, eBay and drop shipping as well as suppliers, scams and general advice. The Community Discussion section is for posting questions about using Salehoo, personal information or just about anything else.

Salehoo Alert

Salehoo Alert is free software that can make searching through eBay for wholesale items much simpler. Enter your desired search criteria into Salehoo Alert and it will automatically search through eBay listings at user-selected time intervals. It will then alert you whenever it finds any relevant listings. You can narrow your search by selecting Buy It Now, auction categories, auctions ending soon or specific price ranges. This software can let you know about new, cheap Buy It Now wholesale lots as soon as they arise, allowing you to buy them before anyone else.

With Salehoo Alert, you can save your favorite searches so that you don't have to read through hundreds of eBay listings every day just to find good deals on the same type of product. Salehoo Alert will also search for common misspellings so that you don't miss anything due to an eBay user's error. All relevant search results will show up in one informative window on your desktop. This can be a great timesaver when drop shipping with eBay.