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7.55 /10

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Dropshipping Wholesalers is a company that has been around for quite some time now. When they first hit the scene, they where not much to be talked about and most people where skeptical. This was back when finding products for wholesale prices was almost too good to be true. Now that some people finally took a chance and paid for that very affordable Dropshipping Wholesalers membership, the word has gotten out. They are a legitimate company offering legitimate wholesaler prices and dropshipping services.

While Dropshipping Wholesalers may not be as big or as good as your World Wide Brands or your Doba, it is still a very good option. An affordable option at that. In order to get access to Dropshipping Wholesalers, you only need to be willing to pay a fraction of the price that you pay for some of the bigger companies. You do not get near as much as you would from them, but it is still a very good place to start off and get your feet wet.

  • Cheap Membership Price.
  • Huge Profit Margins.
  • 2 Membership Package Options.
  • Money Back Guarantee.
  • Website Included.
  • Popular Product Selection.
  • Lots of Bonuses Included.
  • No Phone Support.
  • Relatively Small Product Selection
  • Not Much Room for Scaling Out

Product Pricing

Dropshipping Wholesalers are known for their low product prices. As mentioned before, they do not have the biggest selection of products. On the products that are offered, you are sure to find the lowest prices. For example, you can find items like a 14K 3 Stone Heart Ring that retails for $1199.99 for the price of $203.98.

Product Selection

While they may not have the biggest selection of products - Dropshipping Wholesalers does have a good selection of products. The wholesale products that are offered are popular items that many people are interested in. They pull off some pretty nice products all in all.

  • Electronics
  • Video Games
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Sports Equipment
  • Home Decor

Just to name a few. There are many more categories of product available.

Product Ordering (Payment Options)

Payments for products can be made with just about any payment method. PayPal is the most popular method used and the most convenient. Along with that, credit cards are accepted as well. With PayPal, you can use eChecks and any type of credit card that may need to be used.

Shipping Options

The shipping options are fairly basic but slower than some of the other companies. Give yourself a good solid week and two days for shipping with Dropshipping Wholesalers. This is not unacceptable, but something they could work on. The options are scarce, as they offer only one method at this time - standard shipping.


The usability is fairly easy with Dropshipping Wholesalers. They run a basic website that gets you what you need with no hype. There are not a lot of bells and whistles. Just get it - get your product ordered and get out. Along with that, they have a nice membership section and a forum so you can learn what you need to learn about selling those products they are offering you.

Service Customer Support

Customer Support is offered, but it seems through a ticket system and email is all that is offered. There is not any phone support that comes with this membership.


There have been very little problems with Dropshipping Wholesalers. There have been some reports of people not being happy with the membership, but of course - their money was granted back to them with no questions asked. No matter what you wan to think about them, you cannot take away their legitimacy. They offer a solid service and they stand by their word. That is one thing that has been said about them over and over again. If you are not happy - you do not pay.

Wholesale Options

They do not have very many options other than what you get right from the beginning. There are not any bulk wholesale options that will allow you to get cheaper rates on products. That is really what you want in the long run, so that is unfortunate. Still - that is why Dropshipping Wholesalers is cheaper than other companies. It is also why Dropshipping Wholesalers is a great option for beginners.

Membership Details

$47 for the basic membership and $167 for the Platinum Plan. The Platinum Plan offers a Turnkey eCommerce website, 250 free business cards, a free domain name and a Google Top Website Listing Miracle eBook. Both the basic and the Platinum offer all of the important stuff, such as access to over 500,00 wholesale dropship products.


While it may not be the absolute best overall option for dropshipping - this company offers a good product. Dropshipping Wholesalers is the perfect company for beginners. With that money back guarantee - you can feel sure about that. You may want to upgrade to a company like Doba or World Wide Brands in the future, once you become a big time seller, but for the learning days - this is a great option.

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Money Back Guarantee
Dropshipping Wholesalers Dropship Drop Ship Company Dropshipping Wholesalers Rating System

7.55 /10

Product Pricing 8
Product Selection 7
Product Ordering 7
Shipping Options 8
Usability 8.5
Customer Support 7
Resources 7
Wholesale Options 7
eBay Integration 7
Membership Pricing 9