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Dropship Design is a dropshipping company that allows you to sell wholesale products and have them shipped directly to your customers. Dropship Design is not a wholesaler in the traditional sense of the word. Their services are not intended to be used to purchase bulk orders, but rather single items that are shipped directly to consumers following your sale.

Wholesale Products

Dropship Design offers over a million products at wholesale prices. Unlike traditional wholesalers, Dropship Design provides access to name brand manufacturers, such as Toshiba, Casio, Armani, Maxam, Graco, Gucci, Sharp and HP. These products can be purchased and shipped directly to your customers at products practically equivalent to those offered by wholesalers for non-name brand products.

Another difference between Dropship Design and a traditional wholesale supplier is the breadth of the Dropship Design product inventory. Instead of focusing on a single product category, Dropship Design gives access to virtually every product type that can be sold for a profit. This includes electronics, automotive products, clothing, toys, sporting goods, jewelry and home furnishings.

Selling Wholesale Products from Dropship Design

The main benefit of a dropshipping company such as Dropship Design is that you won't have to store any products in your own inventory, nor will you need to worry about arranging for shipping to and from your own office. In fact, you'll never even see the wholesale products that you sell through Dropship Design, since they are delivered directly to your customers.

The most basic membership plan at Dropship Design allows you to view a wholesale product inventory and then sell the items however you choose. This might entail listing the products on eBay, Amazon or another electronic retailer.

Alternatively, you might choose the Dropship Design Website Plan. This gives you your own website, with a unique domain name and email address. From here, you can list products found in the Dropship Design wholesale product catalog and sell them without paying fees to an online store facilitator such as Amazon.