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Although the process of dropshipping isn't as complicated as some may believe, there are still plenty of things to understand about the dropshipping industry in order to make the process run smoothly. Dropship Design provides training resources, including a newsletter, designed to give you tips for maximizing profits, keeping your customers happy and finding the best products to sell.

Dropship Design Newsletter

The Dropship Design newsletter is a free periodic informational guide that teaches you basic, intermediate and advanced methods for successful dropshipping. You'll learn industry secrets, including marketing tips and product management information, that will help you to generate larger profits and keep abreast of consumer trends. This newsletter will also keep you updated on new announcements from Dropship Design, such as when a new product supplier is added to the product inventory.

You don't have to be a member of Dropship Design to receive this newsletter. Simply enter your name and email address on the Dropship Design website to subscribe for free.

Dropship Design FAQ

In addition to their newsletter, Dropship Design provides a FAQ section that answers most of the questions posed by beginning dropshippers. Here, you'll learn the details of customizing your website, handling your orders, pricing your products, setting shipping rates and more. The FAQ is regularly updated to address the latest concerns of dropshippers.

Dropship Design 100 Best Selling Item Report

In addition to the various tools and services included with Dropship Design's membership plans, every plan comes with a free Best Selling Item Report. This report lists the 100 best selling items at Dropship Design in order to help you choose a product to sell. By using this list, which is frequently updated, you can evaluate consumer trends and determine which product categories, as well as specific products, are worth listing for sale.

This list is supplemented by the New Deals Weekly area of the Dropship Design homepage, which displays the lowest prices on new products offered by Dropship Design.