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Drop Ship Design provides a number of tools that make the dropshipping process easier and more efficient for their members. You can use these tools to accomplish tasks such as tracking an order, posting products to eBay, and customizing a personal website.

Dropship Design Website Tools

If you choose to purchase the Dropship Design Website Plan, you'll have access to the largest range of dropshipping tools available. You'll be able to customize your website to your liking using powerful features, including the following:

  • Graphics - Add banners, company logos, product images and more.
  • Links and code - Add HTML code, a sitemap file, affiliate links, personal domain name.
  • Product management - Update product quantities automatically, add and remove products, create coupons and coupon codes, apply discounts, change product groupings.

Dropship Design Dropshipping Tools

Though managing your dropshipping website is extremely important, Dropship Design also provides many tools and services specific to managing product orders and customers. Live order tracking allows you to view the activity of an order in real time, including where the order is in transit and whether it has been received by a customer. Further, Dropship Dsign takes care of returns and canceled orders, and automatically processes the orders as they arrive. Dropship Design will assist you in creating a system for receiving payments through credit card and PayPal. Your profits are then automatically deposited into your PayPal account.

Datafeed Dropship Plan

One of the most useful tools at Dropship Design comes with the Datafeed Dropship Plan. This tool allows you to download datafeed files for every product sold through Dropship Design. These files include information such as the product ID, product name, product description, product price, product images, shipping price, shipping courier and UPC code. You can then upload these files directly to your personal website, eBay store or Amazon store. This eliminates the need for copying and pasting or rewriting product descriptions and product photos.