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Dropship Design is a reputable dropshipping company that allows individuals to profit by selling products at wholesale products to consumers and businesses. Although there are a lot of illegitimate companies looking to make a quick profit by posing as real dropshippers, Dropship Design is assuredly not a scam.

Dropship Design Business Model

Some illegitimate dropshipping companies force you to pay massive fees upfront in order to secure an order. When the order arrives at your customer's door, the product may be defective or misrepresented. At this point, you would be stuck with the cost of the products upon return.

Dropship Design is much different. You will never be required to pay for a product before it is sold to your customer. In addition, you will only be required to pay the wholesale price, and you'll be allowed to charge any price you'd like to your end customer. Dropship Design profits by charging for access to their product database. For as low as $49.99, you can gain permanent access to this product database. From here, you'll only need to find customers and make sales.

Dropship Design's product inventory is indicative of the fact that they are not a scam. Dropship Design primarily sells name brand products, which are the same products you'd find on the shelves of your local department store or specialty goods shop. The difference is that these products are much more inexpensive when purchased through Dropship Design.

Dropship Design Certifications and Experience

Dropship Design was founded in 2004 as a dropshipping business by professional IT consultants with 20 years of combined experience. The founders of Dropship Design stress that their program is in no way a get-rich-quick scheme, and that individuals who use their services will need to actively work at their own businesses in order to make money.

Dropship Design is certified by truste.com, authorize.net, and validatedsite.com. Further, they are PayPal verified, and registered as a legitimate organization in the state of Washington.