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Dropship Design is a professional dropship services provider that allows you to make money by selling wholesale products on eBay, through a personal store, or by other means. Unlike traditional wholesale reselling methods that require you to stock and inventory of imported goods, Dropship Design allows you to sell products without ever worrying about shipping or storage concerns. In order to make Dropship Design work for you, you'll only need to make the sales themselves, which is easy given the low pricing and name brand product inventory maintained by Dropship Design.

Dropship Design Dropshipping Plans

Dropship Design has four different membership plans, each with their own distinct benefits and services. These range from the Basic Dropship Plan to the Website Dropship Plan.

The Basic Dropship Plan, which costs a one-time fee of $49.99, is the ideal choice for an individual or business only seeking access to the basic dropship services and product inventory offered by Dropship Design. You'll be able to browse the entire Dropship Design inventory, purchase the items at wholesale prices, and have them shipped directly to your customers.

If you upgrade to the eBay Dropship Plan, you'll enjoy all of the features and services included in the Basic Dropship Plan along with full eBay integration. Essentially, this allows you to choose products from the Dropship Design catalog and post them directly to eBay with minimal hassle. This plan costs a one-time fee of $99.99.

Next is the Datafeed Dropship Plan, which features the Basic Dropship Plan plus access to the Dropship Design CSV files. This will allow you to download full product descriptions and product pictures and post them directly to sites such as Amazon and Shopzilla. This package costs $149.99.

This same fee plus $29.99/month gives you the Website Dropship Plan. This includes the Basic Dropship Plan plus your own website, with a domain name, email address and shopping cart. You'll be able to receive payment from Paypal and major credit cards.