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Customer feedback is an important consideration for any dropshipping company. Fortunately, the testimonials provided to Dropship Design have been very positive. If you've had a good or bad experience with Dropship Design, you can contact their support team to offer your own testimonial.

Dropship Design Testimonials

Keith Jones, a dropshipper who wrote to Dropship Design in February 2010, expressed his excitement after selling nearly $50,000 worth of Nintendo Wii gaming consoles in a matter of four days. He went on to describe Dropship Design's excellent customer support, and mentioned that high quality companies rarely receive the recognition they deserve.

Leon Wilson, the owner of Elizabeth Avenue West, wrote to Dropship Design in April 2010 to thank them for their extensive support. He mentioned that Dropship Design, as the parent company of Elizabeth Avenue West, had played a significant role in his success.

Alonzo Carter also wrote to Dropship Design in April of 2010 with a success story regarding his eBay sales. He expressed his satisfaction after a customer purchased one of his items on eBay and left 100% positive feedback. Carter mentioned that he plans to use the buy-it-now option for his next eBay listing, which is something that Dropship Design can assist with through their eBay Dropshipping Plan.

Dropship Design Customer Support

If you ever encounter an issue with Dropship Design, or if you'd like to provide the company with some feedback of your own, you'll be able to contact their customer service department in order to resolve the issue. Dropship Design's customer support team is staffed with knowledgable, friendly individuals who are deeply familiar with the dropshipping process.

Dropship Design can be contacted through live chat from 9am until 5pm, PST. If you'd like to make an inquiry during other hours, you may do so by creating a ticket. This consists of a simple email form located on the Dropship Design homepage.