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By purchasing the eBay Dropship Plan from Dropship Design, you'll have access to an inventory of over 1 million wholesale products, as well as the ability to efficiently post them directly to your eBay store. This plan costs a one-time fee of only $99.99. Following this, you'll have permanent and unlimited access to all of the features included in your eBay-integrated plan.

Dropship Design and Ebay

Regardless of the membership plan you choose at Dropship Design, you'll have the opportunity to choose from a huge range of products and list them for sale wherever you'd like, including eBay. However, the eBay Dropship Plan takes this model a step further by allowing you to post product information, including descriptions, specs, features and pictures, directly to your eBay store or an eBay auction.

The process is simple: find a product, push it directly to eBay, and get paid when your product sells.

This Dropship Design plan also includes an eBay listing manager tool. This allows you to easily manage the listings you've created from directly within your Dropship Design account. The system is fully integrated with the rest of your Dropship Design account, meaning that you'll be able to efficiently manage your eBay listings alongside your non-eBay sales.

Other Services in the eBay Dropship Plan

In addition, to the aforementioned tools, the eBay Dropship Plan includes quick order submission on every auction that you sell. This will expedite the shipment process and get you your money faster, which will lead to more satisfied customers, better eBay feedback, and subsequently more sales. You'll be able to choose whether to list your items as buy-it-now listings or auctions, and you can mix and match the two options as you see fit. You'll also have the opportunity to edit your eBay listings, respond to questions from potential buyers, and track your orders once they have been shipped.