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6.9 /10

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In business since 2004, Dropship Design is considered a leading company in the drop shipping industry. They pride themselves on ease of use and no monthly fees. In addition, they are hand tailored to meet any customer's needs with different packages available for purchase that address different types of clients and markets.

The angle that Dropship Design likes to take is that they offer much more than just dropshipping services. They also give you a website to sell your products from, which is a nice bonus. Relatively cheap - this is another good option for any beginners out there, especially if you are interested in messing around with your own website.

  • Several reasonable membership packages.
  • Cheap lifetime membership fee.
  • Good eBay Integration.
  • Offers many payment options.
  • Good profit margins.
  • Small product selection.
  • Poor usability.
  • Below average customer service.

Product Pricing

In general, the amount of profit on each item sold is entirely up to the client. Dropship Design does not offer price comparisons for their products but a little research will show that, on average, the profit margin on many products is, on average, between $15-$20.

Product Selection

With about 60 affiliate suppliers, Dropship Design offers an inventory of about 350,000 different products. Of course this is nowhere near the amount of products offered by a lot of the other dropship companies out there, but it is still not bad. Their search engine can be a bit touchy and sometimes finding exactly which product you want can be somewhat tricky.

Product Ordering (Payment Options)

Dropship Design accepts all methods of payment but prefers to deal with Paypal as the primary method of payment. No additional fees are charged for placing orders using a credit or debit card.

Shipping Options

DropShip Design offers only standard shipping and overnight or 2 day delivery is not an option. Their shipping times depend largely on which affiliate they are using to obtain the products but all of the shipping information and rates are provided during checkout.


For some reason, once you become a member of the site, you are redirected to a different domain name (DropShipOnAuction.com) to actually log in. There is no login button on the main site. In addition, you are still subject to annoying pop up and advertisement ads when logged in to the member site.

Service Customer Support

The website contains a live chat support feature that is helpful as well as a 24 hour ticketing system where you can leave a note and get a response within 1 business day. There is no reliable customer service phone number as many clients have complained about never being able to get through to a representative using the provided telephone number.

eBay Integration

The website is fully eBay integrated and by purchasing the eBay package, clients have full access to all of the tutorials and programs that the company provides for successful eBay listings.


This drop shipping company has very mixed reviews from the public. There are a great deal of serious complaints lodged against them on both the Better Business Bureau and PayPal but there are also a great deal of good comments and reviews.

Membership Details

Dropship Design has both an annual membership fee of $67 that is due after one year of membership. This fee will not be charged if the account is cancelled before the fee is first due. When signing up for the service clients chose between the following packages:

  • Basic: Access to their catalog and ability to sell products. $49.99
  • eBay: Access to all eBay tools and services. $99.99
  • Website: Clients are provided with a website to sell the products. $149.99
  • Export Files: Clients may reproduce all Dropship Design products on their own website. $149.99
  • All Packages: $199.99


With their somewhat tricky website practices and a few more complaints than usual for a company their size, it's best to approach Dropship Design with caution and not invest too much money right away until you have a good experience with them. They do have a large inventory and excellent live chat customer service to assist clients and are worth a look for anyone trying to start selling goods online.

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6.9 /10

Product Pricing 8
Product Selection 6
Product Ordering 7
Shipping Options 7
Usability 6
Customer Support 7
Resources 7
Wholesale Options 6
eBay Integration 8
Membership Pricing 7