Drop Ship Access' Relationship to Wholesaling

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How Dropship Access WorksDropshipaccess.com – is one of the more new and upcoming drop shipping companies. They continue to impress us with a variety of different wholesale price ranges on many different products.

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Drop Ship Access is a drop shipping provider with access to reputable wholesalers around the globe. This allows Drop Ship Access to sell high quality name brand products at wholesale prices. However, Drop Ship Access is not a wholesale company in and of itself. Rather, it simply connects prospective drop shipping companies and consumers, such as yourself, with proven wholesale manufacturers and distributors. When you use Drop Ship Access to supplement your drop shipping business, you'll have guaranteed access to Drop Ship Access' massive database of over one million high quality products. In addition, you can take advantage of the Drop Ship Access Price Guarantee, which states that Drop Ship Access will reward you with $120 in services if you find a wholesale price lower than theirs at a competing site.

Drop Ship Access Wholesale Product Database

As a member or non-member at Drop Ship Access, you'll be able to view the complete Drop Ship Access wholesale product database. However, non-members won't be able to see product prices, as the prices are simply too low to advertise freely. The Drop Ship Access wholesale product database is where you'll find over one million products, many of them from name brand manufacturers, that you can sell through your drop shipping business. You can search the database by keyword, or simply choose to browse according to product category. Drop Ship Access sells just about any wholesale product you can imagine, including books, DVDs, Blu-rays, computers, electronics, clothing, jewelry, pet supplies, beauty products and more.

Once you find the Drop Ship Access wholesale products that you'd like to drop ship, listing them on your website or other online store is a simple task. If you hold an Advanced account with Drop Ship Access, you'll have access to an eBay listing service that will let you list a wholesale product on your eBay store with only a few mouse clicks. Enterprise memberships include website integration, in which you can list products directly to an Amazon store or personal website. If you have a basic Drop Ship Access membership, you'll still be able to list wholesale products wherever you'd like. The only difference is that you'll need to enter the product details and prices manually. You'll be taking advantage of special Drop Ship Access wholesale prices, which will make it easy to turn a profit when you list the item for even a small markup.

Drop Ship Access Wholesale Prices

Although Drop Ship Access does not list their wholesale prices for non-members, it is possible to get an idea of the discounts you'll receive by checking the Daily Featured Products section of the Drop Ship Access website. For example, Drop Ship Access is currently selling a telescoping campfire cooking fork for $2.18. The item has a retail price of $7.99. They're also listing a textbook, Critical Thinking and Communication, for $66.57. If you were to purchase the book at a typical campus bookstore, it would sell for its retail price of $107.20. Drop Ship Access' wholesale database also includes DVDs, such as Dog Days of Summer. This DVD retails for just under $15. However, if you drop ship it through Drop Ship Access, it will only cost you $8.87.