Is Drop Ship Access a Scam? No

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How Dropship Access – is one of the more new and upcoming drop shipping companies. They continue to impress us with a variety of different wholesale price ranges on many different products.

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Despite occasional unsolicited claims to the contrary, Drop Ship Access is not a scam. Rather, Drop Ship Access is a reputable drop shipping company that connects drop shippers to a massive database of over one million wholesale products. In addition, Drop Ship Access provides valuable training resources that are designed to prevent drop shippers from being scammed. By centering your online business around a Drop Ship Access membership, you'll actually be able to prevent scams and improve your online store's reputation.

Drop Ship Access Reputation

A quick search of the Internet will reveal plenty of happy customers and drop shippers who have used Drop Ship Access to achieve success in the drop shipping industry. Many of these drop shippers find that having access to a list of legitimate wholesale products is an ideal way of increasing their profits, improving efficiency, and avoiding getting scammed by less-than-reputable wholesale suppliers. This is because Drop Ship Access thoroughly inspects all of their wholesale retailers before they list a product in their database. When you drop ship a product through Drop Ship Access, you can be confident that the product will arrive at your customer's door in perfect condition, as promised.

Of course, there are also a few individuals posting online about a supposed Drop Ship Access scam. These people generally have a misunderstanding about how Drop Ship Access actually works. Drop Ship Access is not a wholesale product manufacturer, nor are they a "get rich quick" scheme. When you sign up for a Drop Ship Access membership, you'll be required to pay a monthly fee. As long as you're putting a basic amount of effort into your drop shipping store on a regular basis, you'll easily recover this fee and start to see a profit. However, if you're expecting to sign up for Drop Ship Access and automatically receive payment for drop shipping, you might assume that Drop Ship Access is a scam.

Drop Ship Access Scam Prevention

In the Education section of the Drop Ship Access website, you'll find a detailed article entitled How to Protect Your Business from Fraud. Here, you'll learn plenty of tips that will help to prevent your drop shipping business from being the victim of a scam. By reading this article and other informational articles on Drop Ship Access, you'll learn how to detect the early signs of fraudulent activity and identity theft, prevent payment fraud, investigate suspicious activity, and more. Drop Ship Access stresses the importance of simple yet crucial steps in the drop shipping process, such as requiring credit card users to provide their Card Verification number, or calling the customer to confirm an especially large order. Drop Ship Access does not intend to scam you, and they have a vested interest in making sure that their members avoid getting scammed as well.